The Elegant Updos for Long Hair

Most of the time, girls with long hair tend to get fed up with the same old falling locks and they want to try something new. In other scenarios, they want to try various ways to style their hair, for some special occasions like a prom night or the wedding. In any scenario, elegant updos for long hair, is always a nice idea that they can opt for.

Here’s the ideas!

Elegant Messy Bun

Elegant updos for long hair like messy bun hairstyle that is very popular. For this updo, first shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and shine enhancing conditioner. Apply a volumizing hairspray to your hair and then use a diffuser to blow dry your hair. Tease the front section of your hair with a fine toothed comb to create volume. Create soft and loose curls to the rest of your hair by using a medium barreled curling iron. Gently run your fingers through the curls to create extra volume. Make a low ponytail with your hair and secure the ponytail with an elastic band. Twist the ponytail to create a messy bun and pin it in place with a few bobby pins. You can also use hair combs to keep the bun in place. Allow the curls to hang loose from the bun creating a soft look. Apply a final spritz of strong hold hairspray to hold the bun hairstyle in place.

Braid Updo Hairstyle

Braids are great as elegant updos for long hair. You can part your hair in the middle or sideways, then make small French braid hairstyles at the sides and then make a big braid with the rest of the back hair, and secure it in a braided bun near the nape of your neck. Use hair pins, to secure the style better.

French Twist Updos for Long Hair

French twist hairstyles are the most elegant updos hairstyles, you can try for yourself. They are simple to put together as well. To make the French twist, make two even sections of your hair and straighten hair of each section with a comb. Now, secure one section of the hair, only for the time being. Now, concentrate on the front section of the free section of the hair and twist them tightly. Keep twisting them until you reach to the ear and secure them with a nice barrette. Repeat the process with hair on the other side of your forehead and secure them with another barrette. Now, gather the remaining hair at the back of the head and tuck them into a French twist.

Curly Half Updos for Long Hair

This hairstyle gives you a real romantic elegant look. If you bear straight hair, then curling hair is always an option for you if you wish to try the curly half updo. Once you are done with that, gather the hair from the side of the head (as you do for making a half ponytail) and secure them below the base. Now, fold the hair over the base in order to create a loop. Now tuck this loop at the top and the bottom, using hairpins. This way you will find half of your curls falling down on your back. You can follow the same process with all the hair, leaving only a few strategic locks at the front of the head. You can make various braid hairstyles with half updos.

Here’s the pictures!

These were just a few ideas of elegant updos for long hair. Basically, most updo styles are elegant. Updos are also out of the ordinary styles, so it is a different way of wearing the hair for a special night. Also, if an updo is put in correctly, it will stay in place all night long. Normally, especially for people with thin hair, a hair style will fall or begin to look imperfect after a few hours. With an updo, a woman can dance her heart out and her hair will remain looking great! So, if you need the lifesaver hairstyles for formal or special occasions especially for you who have long hair, elegant updos could be your best choice!












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