The Elegant Medium Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles can gives you a soft and trendy look, be it on any types of hair. For those of you who have medium hair, choosing a wavy curly style for your medium hair is a good choice. Medium wavy hairstyles are also great for any occasions.


To get wavy hair you will either need to have a curling mousse, a sea salt spray or a curly hair gel. Some say curling hair mousse can works good, but most people use sea salt hairspray to wave their hair. To make a wavy hair, you can go with the basic steps first, Check it below :

  1. Shampoo your hair clean, and then apply conditioner. Leave the conditioner for 2 minutes and wash your hair clean again.
  2. Towel dry your hair, but don’t blow dry.
  3. On wet hair apply the curling solution, and then scrunch your hair.
  4. To scrunch your hair, hold the different sections of your hair in your palms and press them, by making a fist.
  5. Let your hair dry naturally.
  6. If you wish to get well-defined ringlet curls, then apply curling solutions and twirl different sections of hair on your index finger and blow dry.

And for the various medium wavy hairstyles, below are some options:

Layered Haircuts

For wavy medium-length hair, adding layers is one of the most flattering hairstyle strategies. Wavy hair often becomes bottom heavy, flattening on top and poufing at the bottom, so layers are a good solution to add volume. Ask your stylist to create gradual layers throughout your medium-length hair. Avoid razor cuts, which usually don’t enhance natural waves. Shorter layers on top give the roots a lift and draw focus to your face, emphasizing your eyes and cheekbones.

Retro Waves

This style is for naturally wavy hair. You can creating a retro hairstyle for your naturally wavy hair. Use a product that counteracts frizz, such as a silicone-based gel. Blow-dry hair until it is almost dry, and roll in large hot curlers. Allow curlers to cool before removing them, and mist hair lightly with hairspray. The result is tousled, glamorous waves from right out of the 1940s. You can also create pin curls by coiling slightly damp hair and securing it to your head with bobby pins. Wear a hair net or shower cap to bed to protect the hair, and in the morning remove the pins to reveal your retro waves.

Graduated Styles

Graduated bob haircut and styles look cute and are quite easy to maintain. Mostly this style is done on straight hair, but it can also be styled into medium length wavy hairstyles. To get a graduated haircut, cut the back hair short near the nape of your neck, and the hair at the sides longer. The side hair can be cut symmetrical or asymmetrical.

The Pictures of Medium Wavy Hairstyles

These were a few medium wavy hairstyles that you can consider. Or you can make a schedule for consultation with your stylist to discuss which wavy style would work best for your medium hair.









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