The Dominican Blowout

A Dominican blowout is a technique that is done mostly at Dominican hair salons to straighten the hair and make it shiny and smooth. A Dominican blowout is a very good choice for when you want to grow out a perm or relaxer. When you get a dominican blowout, your hair is first Washed and conditioned. You could even use a deep conditioner. Make sure you use a shampoo and a hair conditioner that softens your hair. Rinse out the conditioner with cool water. Then, your hair is set on rollers and you are put under a hooded dryer. The hooded dryers at the salons normally don’t take too long to dry your hair. After your hair is dry, the rollers are removed. Then, (here’s the actual “blowout” method) the stylist uses a round brush and a handheld blow-dryer with concentrator nozzle to straighten the hair. The concentrator nozzle is very important as it directs the heat into the one specific area where you are pointing it. The brush is put on top of the section of hair at the roots and the hair is pulled taut while the blow-dryer is placed on that one specific area.

This is done from the root to the tip of the hair and the brush is placed on top of the hair first to smooth it, and then the brush is put under the section of hair and once the brush is at the tip, it is rolled under so the ends of the hair are slightly bent under. Oil, hair polisher, or gloss is only applied after the hair has been completely blowdryed and is finished as applying oil before blow drying would cause hair to burn. Very little product is used during the blowout process which helps the hair maintain movement and bounce. When a Dominican blowout is done correctly, the hair is smooth, shiny, bouncy, and feels very light weight.

For all of ladies who want to go natural, shiny and smooth hair but are scared of the ugly phase, then choose a Dominican Blowout to make your hair shinier. This technique also work best on course hair. Take Care!









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