The Different Lengts of Buzz Cuts

Buzz cuts are the most popular short haircut which usually worn by men. Even buzz cut is really easy to maintain, that’s why these cuts favored by men almost in all ages. Also, there are different lengths of this standard style. Buzz cuts are usually referred to by the length of the clipper guard used to achieve the style. Here are some buzz cut lengths that can be divided into measurable categories of short, medium and long;

  • Buzz cut lengths in categories of short; A buzz cut referred to as a “one” or “two” refers to the length of the guard used on the barbering clippers, in this case 1/8 of an inch and 1/4 of an inch, respectively. The length guards are numbered and designate the corresponding measurements with larger numbers implying a longer length of hair. A “one” is the shortest buzz cut achievable with a guard over the clippers.
  • Then the medium lengths available in a buzz cut are the standard size “three” and “four,” which crop the hair to about a 1/2 inch in length. Specifically, a “three” cuts the hair to 3/8 of an inch, while a “four” leaves 1/2 an inch of growth. Both choices are still quite short and maintain the buzz cut aesthetic of a closely cropped and neatly groomed style.
  • The longest standard length options for a buzz cut are deemed a “seven” and an “eight.” These choices leave up to an inch of hair, enough to part or even run fingers through. These styles, which leave hair a measurable 7/8 of an inch and one inch respectively, are popular options for buzz cuts that are not as drastic as the other nearly-bald lengths.

Some say, the style of buzz cuts more important than the length. It could be true. So many variation styles of buzz cuts that you can opt. Rather than thinking about the buzz cut lengths, for ease, you can go to your favorite barber shop to achieve the best result.






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