The Dark Ombre Hair

Ombre hair color has become popular among celebrities and models in the past year. Ombre means “gradation” or “shade” in French; it is the development of hair color from dark roots to light ends. Ombre is perfect for dark hair. For those of you who have naturally hair, ombre hair color can best on you. with dark ombre hair you will obtain a new cool style.


For dark ombre hair; You will need to use bleach, not high lift color, and you run the risk of damaging your hair, so use a protein treatment before hand. Put bleach on your ends and keep a close eye on them to make sure it is not going too light, too quickly. If your hair is black, the bleach will have to stay on for a longer amount of time. It’s possible that in the end, the bleach will come out far too orange or yellow. In this case, your best bet is to deep condition and then use a demi-permanent color in either a deep red tone or an ash toned demi color. (Red will make the orange more like a mahogany, and ash tones will make the orange more neutral). If you really want to get creative, use an unnatural blue or pink from the Manic Panic line on the bleached ends.

To get dark ombre hair color,you can go with the basic steps. Here’s the instructions that you can follow :

  1. Apply the colour to your roots. Part your hair in four sections: from ear to ear and from the middle of your forehead to the middle of the nape of your neck, keeping each section close to your head. Let the colour sit for five minutes.
  2. Take each section and run the colour through to mid-length of the hair, starting with the back sections finishing with the two front sections. Wait another five minutes.
  3. Add water to dilute the colour and emulsify the ends (approximately the last third of the entire hair length). Let the colour sit for about one minute.
  4. Wash hair. Done!

Tips to dye your dark hair into ombre :

  • Apply using toothbrush. The brushes that come with bleach are not very good. The toothbrush gets to all strands much easier.
  • Use a hair brush. If you’re using powdery bleach brush it through with a paddle style brush so it distributes the bleach evenly.
  • Start at the back. If you start at the front all of your hair sticks together and you can’t get to the front bit without tangles!
  • Divide hair into two to make the application process easier.

The Example Pictures of Dark Ombre Hair

Ombré can be either soft and subtle with just a few highlights or more progressive and dramatic.  Either way, the shot of lightness can add a youthful look to your hair.  Many stylists are experts in this technique,  just ask for ombré color when you schedule your next visit on the salon near you.








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