The Dance Recital Hairstyles

Dance or music recitals are often formal occasions, requiring hair to be both elegant and functional. Several hairstyles are appropriate for this, depending on your hair length. Generally, the style that you will want for your hair during the dance recital is one that will keep your hair out of your face while you are dancing. This will keep your hair from obstructing your view, and it will prevent the audience from being distracted by your hair flipping and twirling about as you dance. Below are some ideas of dance recital hairstyles that you can choose:

A good option for dance recital hairstyles especially if you have a longer hair is a pony tail that has been jazzed up with curls and  hair decorations. The ponytail is a very commonly known hairstyle all over the world. The simplicity of the ponytail may complement the dance, or ribbons, hairpieces, flowers or jewels can be added to fit the dancer’s personality and the style of the dance being performed. Pigtails can also be a fun way to keep the hair pulled from the dancer’s face during performance and can be dressed up or down according to the needed complexity of the hairstyle.

Another good choice for dance recital hairstyles is the french twist. This style looks very elegant on nearly all women, and it will also serve to keep your hair out of your face. An option for girls who have shorter hair is to pull half of the hair back. This keeps your face exposed, and you can curl the hair to make the style a little fancier.


On the other hand, you can choose a bun! A ballet bun is a tight, sleek updo that will stay in place through the most vigorous dance recitals. Pull your hair into a ponytail, ensuring the hair around the scalp is as smooth as possible. You can use a bun foundation to hold the bun in place. A bun foundation can be purchased at a beauty supply store; they match the color of your hair, and come with holes that allow you to insert bobby pins to secure the bun. Once you place the ponytail through the bun foundation, spread the hair out around the mold and use a clear elastic band to hold it in place at the base. Secure any remaining hairs with bobby pins.

As it is said that for this dance recital events, you should consider a hairstyle that will not obstruct your vision while dancing. Don’t forget to use accessories to enhance your appearance and help to keep your hair so that it doesn’t fall apart..







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