The Cute Braided Hairstyles for Kids

A braid is one of the most practical hairstyles for kids because it helps keep hair tangle free and off the face. Many kids love to wear braids in their hair. If your daughter wants a braided hairstyle, thinking about the types of basic braids and how to do them ahead of time will help you create a look that she will be proud to wear.

There are many types of cute braided hairstyles for kids that available.

Braided Ponytail

Gather your daughter’s long hair into a ponytail on the side or back of her head. Fasten the ponytail with a snag-free hair elastic. Braid the ponytail. You might do one single braid or several smaller braids. Secure each braid with a pretty barrette at the bottom, and give the hair a quick splash of hairspray to help everything stay in place.

Pigtail Braids

This style is done by first parting hair vertically down the middle of the head. The hair on each side of the part is then braided. The braids will be much bigger, but not harder to do. If the hair is fine, you may need to attach a rubber band at the end once braided. Join each braided pigtail and attach a hair barrette at the end. You can also attach a hair barrette to the end of each braid.

Bali Braids

This hairstyle was made famous by tourists returning from Bali sporting this style—hair braiders frequent Bali’s popular Kuta beach and will braid hair while tourists soak up the sun. This is the most arduous and time consuming of braided hairstyles, but it can look great once completed. Section off 1-inch pieces of hair and tightly braid them, starting close to the scalp. To create the true “Bali Braid” look, weigh each braid down with a colorful bead at the end.

Piggy Braids

Another cute braided hairstyles for kids is piggy braids. Similar to pig tails, piggy braids begin by segmenting the hair on two sides, with a straight part all the way down the middle of the head. Brush each segment of hair so that the hair strands are flowing away from the central part. Starting with the hair at the forehead, divide one half’s hair into three parts and begin plaiting. After every turn, add another small section of hair into the plait strand. Follow the curve of the head, incorporating all the hair in that half as you go along. Once you reach the nape of the neck and all the hair has been incorporated into the braid, continue plaiting the hair to the end and secure with an elastic tie. Repeat on the other side.

French Braid

The French braid is a style of braid that gathers hair from the top of the head, then works its way down to the ends of the hair. French braids look more formal than other types of braids, because they begin at the scalp and the braid forms a particular design into the hair. For a kid’s hairstyle, you can make one French braid down the middle of the head and let it hang down, or you can create a dressy updo style by pinning the French braid up with a hair clip.

Braided Headband

Braided headband is another cool style, which can allow your hair to be worn half-tied and half-open. So, make a braid with the front hair. You can use French braiding, dutch braiding or English braiding technique. Then secure the braid, and keep the rest of the hair open.

Single Twists

Natural twists, Senegalese twists and Kinky twists are the three types of Single Twists for kids. The Natural Twists hairstyle, is one of the braid hairstyles, which is done by combing and twisting your natural hair. Obviously, for your hair to get twisted, they should be at least one inch in length. Your hair stylist will have to dip the hair in boiled water to get this hairstyle for you. Now, talking about the kinky hair, the ends of this type of hair are curly and these may extend up to your shoulder levels.

The Cute Braided Hairstyles for Kids Pictures

And below are some video Tutorial how to create braids for kids  in a various way, Check it out!

Source : Youtube

These were some cute braided hairstyles for kids and will give them a fresh look. In addition these hairstyles also can add a bit more flair than just a regular ponytail or plait.






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