The Coppola Keratin Treatment

The Coppola keratin treatment is another form of a keratin smoothing treatment. It is meant for women who struggle with frizzy, course, and curly hair and want their hair smooth and silky in a permanent and healthy way. Coppola uses the ingredient keratin, to work its magic. Coppola asserts that the treatment leads to noticeably straighter and softer, has more shine, looks longer and has added life.

Many Coppola users prefer to purchase the product online or in beauty stores and then complete the entire process at home. It is apparently much cheaper this way than to have an appointment at a hair salon and less time consuming. It is important that before applying the treatment by yourself that you check out all the ingredients in the treatment as well as the instructions. There are many specific guidelines that have to be strictly followed in order to achieve optimal results. Be sure to abide by all the directions and do not skip over any steps.

The Coppola keratin treatment process infuses the hair with keratin, which is a protein found in hair, skin and nails. It is time-intensive, expensive and smelly. The chemical-free treatment acts as an intense conditioner. According to Coppola, the treatment restores and restructures hair by infusing keratin into the hair’s cuticle. Heat from a flat iron is used to bond the keratin into the cuticle. This eliminates frizz and reduces drying time. The treatment is also purported to block humidity effects and keep environmental toxins from entering hair.

Tips :

  • You should keep your hair straight and dry for about three days of using Coppola Keratin treatment. Do not ponytail or clip the hair, and if you always wear glasses, you should not push the hair back. In a case in which the hair accidentally gets wet, you should blow the hair dry in order not to diminish the treatment.
  • For a stronger, softer, and manageable hair that is color-treated, apply the color care conditioner. The product is made with soy proteins, special keratin, and wheat, which provide a lasting nourishment and protect the hair from the effects of straightening irons, hot curlers, and blow dryers. It helps to moisturize the hair to give protection to the color-treated hair and loses all the frizzes, making the hair silky and smooth.
  • Hair coloring: you should apply coloring to your hair before using Coppola Keratin treatment.

The benefits of coppola keratin treatmentfor hair is repairs hair damaged and weakened by chemical treatments, including coloring and straightening, by improving the hair’s manageability. In addition, coppola keratin treatment leave the hair soft, shiny and smooth. Because your hair is straightened naturally, the treatment rebuilds the structure of your hair. All types of hair can be treated, because the texture is not changed. After the treatment, hair is easier to style and requires lower maintenance.



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