The Coolest Medium Haircuts for Boys

Boys will be boys! It reminds me about an old song of Panic at the disco band. Such a lovely song yes? :D

boys always want a trendy style. Not lame and must looks cool. It will be very enjoyable even if the styles that they wear causes them to become the center of attention, especially among girls and in the school environment.  That’s why.  Choosing the perfect hairstyle can be a bit difficult for boys. Even though there are many hairstyles and ideas available, they need to pick one that suits their face and hair texture. Medium haircuts for boys can style their hair in a variety of hairdos.

Here are some medium haircuts for boys that you can choose :


Before you can get an emo haircut, you need to grow your hair a little first. This allows your stylist to cut in the emo style into your hair. Ask your stylist to cut the sides and the back of your hair in layers. The bangs should be made choppy. Although emo bangs usually have one side longer than the other, some emo styles can also have bangs cut straight across, covering the forehead. The hair at the crown should also be cut short, keeping it spiky with hair products.


Before you start cutting your hair, first shampoo them clean. Then use a good conditioner, and apply it from the roots till the end. Again wash your hair clean, towel dry them. Make sure you maintain damp hair while cutting them. You can also keep a water spray nozzle bottle near you, in case the hair become dry while you are cutting them. If you have wavy or curly hair, straighten them before you start cutting them. You can do this by using a hair straightening iron. Then start cutting your hair into layers. The most popular style of scene hairstyles, has lot of layers near the crown, and the hair at the ends are cut to give a tapering effect. You can accompany your hair with side bangs, or go for a straight blunt style bangs. The blunt bangs can also be given a graduated effect, and made to look even more stylish. Make sure you maintain the length of the bangs such, that they either cover one or both the eyes. After you are done with cutting your hair into layers, and bangs, cut them very, very choppy. To cut your hair choppy you need to work on all the strands of hair. Take a strand of your hair, hold it an angle of 45 degrees, then tilt your scissor and make the cut. This way, cut all your hair strands choppy. This will give that edgy and sharp haircut look at the ends.


These are very easy to get haircuts, all you need to do is run the clipper machine at the sides and the back of your head and keep the hair at the crown longer. This is a low maintenance short haircut, and is a good choice if you are irritated with your hair coming in your eyes while skating.


these haircut styles and ideas are great for guys who have naturally curly wavy hair. However, guys with straight hair can also go for these styles. To get these styles get some layers cut in your hair, with some side bangs. People with curly hair need to cut their hair longer, as the wet hair after drying will shrink up. Then, on wet hair, apply a curling hair serum and tousle your hair. People with straight hair instead of tousling the hair, need to scrunch it to style. Cut the hair longer if you have wavy or curly hair, because wet hair, after cutting, will spring up and make them look shorter. So, always cut hair longer than the desired length, if you have wavy/curly hair. Get some layers on the front to get relaxed looking bangs and cut the hair at the back and the side short. Then, use a hair serum on wet hair, and tousle your hair to get a sexy unkempt look.

There are many cool looking trendy medium haircuts for boys out there. However, it is very important to pick a haircut style which suits your face and a hairstyle which you are able to manage. Because, certain haircuts suit round faces while some haircuts suit long faces. Then styling your hair in the right way is sure to give you the perfect look. Consult your hair stylist and get some tips on maintaining the look. Get the best hair products specially formulated for your type of hair. Maintaining the look all day long is just as essential.



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