The Cool Spiky Hairstyles

A spiky hairstyle is one of the most versatile cuts that available for men, women and even kids. The cool spiky hairstyles also favored by everybody who loves a short hairstyle. With this hair style you definitely can change your look into funky and trendy styles with many variations.

For Men

Cool Spiky hairstyles for men have remained popular since the 1970s, when punk introduced an aggressive style. Spikes are a way for modern men to experiment with basic hair styling on short hair. You don’t need many styling products to maintain this sort of look, beyond one or two that give hold.

Heated tools are also unnecessary. Most really good spiky styles rely on having a suitable cut underneath. The variations of the spiky hairstyles for men such as; punk, Mohawk, Mohicans & liberty spikes, emo, or straight up spike makes every men has so many options to get spiky style. And it’s quite fun for them.  Nevertheless, they still need to consider about the face shape for any variation of spiky hairstyles.

For Women

A short, cropped, pixie-style haircut can re-energize your face and instill some vigor into your look. On the whole, short hairstyles for women are becoming favored for their adaptability and the ease of maintenance. Some women have facial structures that support the look of a short, spiky hairstyle. Different hairstyle elements, such as bangs and fringes, can create many varieties of short, spiky hairstyles for women. The proper hair products can also help you maintain a fresh and sexy spike to your hair that can chop years away from your look.


The texture of a spiky hairstyle can be easily achieved with hair gel and either wax or hairspray. To get  cool spiky hairstyles for women; Firstly, after taking a shower or applying enough moisture to soak your scalp, dry your hair with a towel until it feels lightly damp and smooth. Apply strong-hold hair gel to your scalp. As you work the gel into your hair, work your hair into spikes by using your fingers and thumbs in a grabbing and pinching-up motion. Let your hair air dry. It may help to maintain the spikes by tipping your head to one side while it dries. Once your hair has dried from the gel application, you may comb it back if you want more height on your spikes. Then, either apply a coating of hairspray or wax to give your spiky hairdo a finished look. If you are women who into funky and edgy style then this hairstyle would be your number one option to go!

For Kids

Create spiky hairstyles for kids as part of a Halloween costume, theatrical production costume, for school or for casual wear. Spiky hairstyles can be simple, such as spiky bangs, or intricate, such as Medusa-inspired braids, depending on how much time you have and how crazy the kid wants to get with the hairstyle.

The spiky hairstyles are simple and easy to care. For every occasion this spiked hair really can make a bold statement for you. Don’t hesitate to try and everyone who sees you with this hairstyle will certainly love it!



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