The Classic Rag Curls Styles

If you’re looking for a classic and fancy hairstyle that isn’t bad for your hair, then you should try rag curls. Rag curls are softer than pin curls and require only some rag strips to prepare. Old sheets work well, since they typically are cotton, soft and easy to wash.

Although it was done out of necessity in those days, it’s become a preferred way to produce soft curls without damaging the hair the way rollers and pins often do. It’s also a comfortable way to sleep with your hair rolled up.  To get this hairstyle, mentioned below is the instructions that you can follow:

The Steps to Create Rag Curls :

  1. Start with thoroughly detangled hair. If you are making the ringlets as part of a planned hairstyle, part your hair where the hairstyle requires it. This reduces the need to break up the finished curls in order to arrange the hair.
  2. Use a wet comb or sprit-zer to dampen your hair without soaking it – this helps the curls to set.
  3. Take a section of hair, as much as you want in a curl, and hold one end of the strip of fabric as close to the roots as possible. Wind the section of hair around the rag corkscrew-fashion. The more open the spiral of hair, the droopier the curl will be – so for tight, bouncy curls, wind the hair close to itself so the rag is not visible. You will then have what looks like a sausage of hair with the rest of the strip hanging from the bottom of the sausage.
  4. Take the rag strips close to the end of the hair and wind it upwards, corkscrew-fashion, around the hair. The aim is to cover all the hair to protect it. Make sure the ends of the hair are secured inside the rag.
  5. When all the hair is covered, secure the rag close to the scalp with a hair elastic or rubber band.
  6. Continue curling sections of hair in the same manner until all your hair is curled.
  7. Leave the curling rags in your hair for several hours or overnight. Hair holds curl best if it goes from damp to dry, so don’t take a shower before taking your curls out or they might soften.
  8. Carefully unwind the rag from the hair, then the hair from the rag, to release each curl. The curls can then be broken up into smaller curls, frizzed, brushed out to make waves or left as-is. A quick spritz of hairspray will help them hold their shape.

The Video Tutorial

Click This —>  Rag Curls Tutorial


  • Flannel, nylon or cotton fabrics make soft, absorbent rags that allow your hair to dry quickly.
  • Towels do not make good rags for rag curls because the fabric is very thick and it will take longer for your hair to dry.
  • Avoid using denim or linty materials such as old sweaters for rags. These will transfer lint onto your hair and can hold moisture so your hair doesn’t curl as it should. Denim and other stiff fabrics might also damage your hair.

 The Classic Rag Curls Styles Pictures

Rag curls are a method of styling hair that women have used for centuries. It works on straight, fine, thick and curly hair to create many types of curl. Also, curling your hair up in rags each night eliminates tangles in the mornings. Because you need no heat or chemicals to create the curls, it’s also better for your hair than curling irons or rollers. So, if you are a fan of curly styles, don’t hesitate to try this technique. Enjoy!






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