The Classic Finger Curls

There was popular hairstyle called “Finger Curls” and this style were big among 1920s-1930s Hollywood stars or models. The look is quite soft and feminine. The process to create these finger curls involves pinching the hair between the fingers and combing the hair in alternating directions to make a wave shape. A lotion was applied to the hair to help it retain its shape.

This style was eventually superseded by hair rollers. However, finger curls is still used as an effective way of teaching control of the hair in hair design. Most beauty schools still teach and test on finger curls because it teaches the student how to mold and direct the hair. Generally, pinching the hair is off limits because that creates unwanted sharp ridges. The technique involves using the wide tooth side of a regular ruler comb, placing it into the front part line of the hair, holding the hair still with one finger and moving the comb over approximately one inch. Continuing this pattern around the head completes the design. A common finishing step is to place pin curls at the nape for added curl.

Finger curls is a hairstyle that has been used for many generations. These hair style is a hairstyle of all the time, and very elegant for every formal event.






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