The Choppy Hairstyles for Men

Choppy hairstyles are very popular in these days and a lot of stars are adorning them with style. Besides the women loves these hairstyle, the choppy hairstyles also required for every men who want to be clean cut and professional or would rather have a more relaxed and eclectic vibe style.

These hair styles are versatile and can provide very different looks for every man. For the ideas, mentioned below are some options of choppy hairstyles for men. Take a look!

Heavy Textured

The heavy textured chop haircut is ideal for men with square-shaped faces as the top of the hair is left slightly longer than the sides. This cut will elongate the face and bring attention to your eyes. Along the crown of the head have your stylist create short textured layers within your hair. On the side of your head your hair should be shorter; however, as it progresses up toward the crown of your head the hair should be slightly longer. The maximum length of your hair should be three inches. Style with wax and bring the hair toward the center of your scalp to create a choppy version of a faux-hawk.

Straight Hair Chop

If you have straight hair you can add dimension by cutting the hair very short on the sides and leaving the top of the head slightly longer. Have your stylist cut your hair in a slight angle from the crown of your head toward your forehead while leaving sections of your hair slightly longer in a choppy style. This asymmetrical cut will help add texture to straight hair while keeping your look dynamic and unique. Style your hair using styling paste after your hair has been washed and fully dried.

Layered Chop

When you have thick hair, a choppy hairstyle will highlight your hair’s thickness while giving you a modern appeal. Start this haircut by having your stylist trim the sides of your head; however, keep this hair at least one-inch long. On the crown of your hair create choppy layers that can be brushed back to create a styled messy look. If your hair is curly, creating choppy layers and textures will allow you to showcase your curls while still keeping them in control. Style your hair with a paste or molding putty and brush your fingers through your hair from front to back.

Choppy hairstyles are one of the desired hairstyles by men that will give an exclusive experience. To achieve the best result, it’s good to visit your professional hairstylist. With so many possible hairstyles that available for men, this hair style can be entered into your list of hair style that needs to be tried.







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