The Chic Medium Hairstyles for Men

As a man, having superior appearance is the main thing.  There’s no man who refuses to be always look good, dashing and handsome. Therefore, many men are willing to change their appearance to get these look. Not only women, men also want a cool hairstyle.  Cool hairstyle that support their appearance at any occasion. The chic medium hairstyles would be an option. These hairstyle for men would allow them to grow out their locks in a more stylish and appealing way. Sporting these hairdo alternatives would help you rock the transition from short hair.

Moreover these cuts are not only stylish but also practical and won’t require pro hair stylist skills.  But, you also need to consider your hair texture as well as face shape and also lifestyle to pick the best do. The chic medium hairstyles for men given here just meant for you:

Layered Sleek Styles

The first style for chic medium hairstyles for men is Layered sleek styles. Layered sleek styles are very popular as indie hairstyles. They are the Zack Efron look. So, get your hair cut choppy and then add long side bangs. This is a popular style and you can make a difference to it, by coloring your hair. Consider getting lowlights with this style.

Layered Medium Styles

Wet hair is the time to style since the hair is most pliable wet. One tip is to finger-comb the hair, rather than using a comb. If the layers are longer and irregular, the appearance will be messier. If the layers are more uniform, they’ll likely look chunkier. If the messy look is the desired effect, a dollop of gel or pomade can also help achieve it.

Emo Hairstyles

Create a choppy emo look by cutting your hair in different lengths. Leave some parts longer and some parts shorter. There is no layering or necessary structure to this. The choppier it looks, the more the hairstyle will scream out “emo.”

Chic Bangs

Use a high quality blow dryer to add the proper definition to your bangs and the rest of your locks.Use only a small amount of wax or mousse in order to ensure the long-lasting effect of your do and also keep frizz at a moderate distance. Choose the right bangs design and lenght and match it with your face shape to make an A-list impression on your friends.

This is all about the chic medium hairstyles for men but it largely depends upon a person’s hair type, age and shape of the face. So before  opting for a hairstyle it is better to consult your hair stylist who can advise on the suitability of a hairstyle on you. A hairstylist can also advise on the other aspects of a hairstyle like the length of the bangs and the products that you should use to maintain the style.




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