The Casual Updos

If you looking for some cute ideas hairstyles for casual occasions, then you just in the right article. For casual styles, you need a hairstyle that quick, easy to do, but gorgeous! and Updos can be your best option. Updos are certainly the most amazing hairstyles one can opt for.

Here are some of the best casual updos that you can try out on your locks and look stunning.

Twist Hairstyle

This quick updo also works well for hair that has been washed a day or two before. First, backcomb the top and crown portion of your hair to create more volume in this area. Now divide this section from the temples, and twist hair in such a way that there are no snags in the front. Pin the hair section that you have just twisted with the help of bobby pins and angle them slightly so that the pins remain hidden. Take another two sections from just above the ears and twist and pin them in the same way, just below the first section. Repeat the same procedure until all hair has been pinned back. Spray the entire casual updo with a styling spray to secure the hairstyle.

Curled Updo

Here’s a curled updo for some casual events where you might want to don a semi-formal attire. Start by tying two ponytails and secure each with a rubber band. One will be at the nape and another at crown of your head. Spray some light hairspray. Now curl the free hair and pin it around ponytails. Some strands also must be pinned till mid of their length. Leave the free ends on back of the head. Once you have finished casually pinning the hair around ponytails, finish with a hairspray and hair band if desired.

Side Bun Updos

This is a unique looking updo that gives a fresh touch to your face. It gives a more youthful look to your face. You need to side part your hair for this hairstyle. To wear this, just pull back your hair on one side and twist them. Pin up the twisted hair and then swirl the free ends and pin them strand by strand around to form a swirling bun. Make sure you have this bun on the side of your side swept bangs. This gives a classy looking hairstyle which can be embraced by hair accessories.

Messy Updos for Long Hair

Casual updos for long hair is the best option that suits all occasions from the hasty morning preps to an intimate evening. For making messy updos for long hair, you will have to make the hair look really messy in the first place. If you have straight hair, then you may need a sea salt spray for the hair to look really unkempt. You can also apply mousse in the hair. Now, make four equal sections and create large hair strands in each section and twist them up, one by one. Once you are done with twisting, pin them roughly at the backside, on the lower part of your head. Messy updos are also the best updos for long hair with layers. They can suit curly, straight and wavy hair as well as short and medium length hair.

For another ideas, go see the pictures below;

Besides these above casual updos styles, you can also go with braided updos, such as french braid, bun braid, or hairline face frame braid that can gives you a very soft, romantic look. The combination of a hairline face frame braid with a two- strand twist would be great on you. For this, you take hairline strands and very loosely incorporate them into your braid. While you’re doing this, you’re also making two braids and a “hair veil” with your hair. Instead of pulling each lock snug against your head, allow them to drape very softly around your face, neck and shoulders. Wearing these feminine updos is a smart way to get ready in less time.






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