The Caesar Haircut

The Caesar haircut, named after Julius Caesar, has been made famous by actor George Clooney. The Caesar haircut was an especially popular hairstyle during the 1990s It is characterized by a short, cropped cut with even bangs, which can be worn down or gelled up and back. The Caesar hairstyle includes sideburns, with lightly razored hair on the sides and back.

The Caesar haircut typically comes in two shades: low or light and dark. Depending on your hair type, you may also hear people referring to a third shade: medium. The standard Caesar haircut trims the hair within an inch to two inches (2.54-5.08 cm) all around the head. The bangs may barely cover the forehead, especially when the hair is one inch in length. Hair length can be even shorter in some instances, with the hair buzzed rather than clipped.

To create; run a comb through your hair to flatten it and remove any snarls. Do not wet your hair since clippers cut dry hair better than wet hair. Snap a clipper blade onto your clipper’s head. The blade you choose dictates the length of the Caesar cut. Generally, the blade will have the length stamped on it.Turn the clippers on. Start at the top of your head and pull the clippers over your scalp in the opposite direction from the way your hair grows. Brush away the loose hair. Continue to move the clippers over the top of your head, working from your forehead to the back of your head. Position the clippers at the nape of your neck and pull them up toward the top of your head. Continue to do this from the back of your head, from ear to ear. Remove the clipper blade from the clipper. Cut through the random hairs on the back of your neck to create a clean neck line. Hold the clipper’s blades level with the top of your ear. Pull the clippers down to remove the side burns


The  good benefit of having a Caesar haircut is very easy to maintain and can make your hair look last for a very long time. Also, this style suits a number of face shapes, but does particularly well for men with oval faces and small features (it is always good to get your doubts cleared with help of a knowledgeable person). The Caesar haircut is achieved with help of the number 4 clippers.




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