The Bridal Updos

For a wedding you need romantic and elegant looking hairstyles. With a beautiful gown, it is important that you wear an equally beautiful hairstyle. Styles like updo hairstyle are very popular for occasions like weddings. There are various ways to style your hair into the bridal updos . However, selecting the right type of the bridal updos according to the wedding theme, the dress and your hair type should be taken into consideration.

Wavy Messy Updo Style

Wavy messy hairstyles look very romantic, and can make the perfect hairstyles for many occasions like weddings. To create a beautiful wavy hair bun, you will need to style your hair wavy, in case you don’t have natural wavy/curly hair. One of the easiest way to do this is to use a hair curling solution. It can be done using a curling hair serum, hair mousse or sea salt spray. So, apply this product on wet hair and then scrunch your hair, and you will have instant beach wavy hair as the hair dry off. Then scoop all your hair and make a bun using them and secure it below the crown. Take off curly hair strands from sides.

Updo For Curly Hair

If you are wearing a beautiful gown, and want to create a soft romantic look, then using a curling iron get your hair curly and try the curly hair updos. You can secure your hair at the back in a bun, let few stands out around the sides of the face to create a even softer and romantic look. Use beautiful accessories like flower pins, to make your curly hairstyle look even more pretty.

Side Bun Updo for Long Hair

One can create a side bun hairstyle with long hair. However, as long hair is a bit difficult to manage, use these braided side bun tips. Side part your hair and comb all the hair neatly. Then take all the hair over one shoulder and start making a braid. If you want a neat updo then make a tight braid. For a loose relaxed looking updo, make the braid semi-tight. Then roll the braid on one side to form a bun and fix it with hair pins. You can also use a black mesh bun net to cover the bun. Then take out two locks from the sides and style them wavy using a curling iron. This will make the hairstyle look softer. To accessorize use dangling earrings.

Elegant Half Updo

Half updos are great for short, medium or long hair, they can look great on straight, wavy or curly hair too. However, half updos with wavy hair look the best, if you have straight hair then use the curling hair mousse on wet hair, and scrunch your hair, let them air dry and you will find great wavy hair. Then comb your hair with a big tooth comb, and separate upper half hair, and secure them in a bun with the help of an elastic band. Use some hair accessories, to make your style look even more beautiful.

Braided Updo

Braided updos is one of the most popular of bridal updos, and have been used since ages. First brush your hair completely, then part your hair in the middle. Make mini French braids on both the sides of the parting, and continue them till the back. Then join them to the back hair, and form a bigger braid. Then roll this braid and fix it near the nape of the neck, using clips and rubber bands. Then take out few hair strands from the sides, to soften your look. Tuck a beautiful hair stick in the bun, to accessorize. If you want to try black hair updos then just make cornrows in the front and join them to form a larger braid at the back, and tie it in a bun.

For example, take a look at some pictures below:

These were just a few bridal updos. Pick one the most you like, use the right accessory and enjoy the look. Make sure you use a hairspray after the style has been created, to make it last longer.  Wishing all you to-be brides.. Best of luck! ;)









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