The Bridal Hairstyles Half Up-do

The bridal hairstyles half up-do is the perfect formal up-do for marriage. This hairstyles really easy to do, can be done in no time at all and very  stylish. The look works for all hair types and colors, and even accommodates modern fashionistas.  This is one of favorite bridal hairstyles and it’s popular with celebrities on the red carpet too.

This look is perfect for brides looking for a more relaxed or romantic hairstyle. Besides that, you can go with this beautiful hairstyle not just for wedding events but also for any formal occasion like prom or party!No doubt, this is one of the most versatile hairstyles! What say?

For example, you can check some pictures of the bridal hairstyles half up-do below!

If you need some easy steps to create, here you go…

  • Firstly, you must ensure that you untangle all the strands to get manageable hair.
  • A hair spray can be used at this point so that your hair stays better.
  • Once you have used the hair spray, use a curling iron and select small sections of your hair so that these can be curled and styled accordingly.
  • Once you finish curling, begin with pinning the small sections of the hair.
  • Then, use a hairpin to fix the same.
  • Select the end of the strands and roll them into a curl.
  • Fix this with another hairpin. Next, select another strand of hair and fix it the same way next to the first curl.
  • Use this procedure with all the strands of the hair and create curls on the top area of the head.
  • The main highlight of this hairstyle is to be as creative as possible.
  • The lower portion of your hair can be left loose.
  • Use hair accessories to accentuate the curls.
  • Use the curling iron to curl the lower strands of the hair.
  • Arrange it well to create a stylish look.

You can also check out some different half up style tutorials on youtube.

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  2. Half Up Wedding Hairstyle

The bridal hairstyles half up-do has so many different styles like with poof, bouffant, braids, twists, messy style, etc.. For the bridal half up with poof, this is kinda classic style but elegant at the same time. Originally, women actually inserted something under their hair to achieve poof-like volume. Teasing your hair with a special rat-tail comb was another option, but without proper technique, this method can cause breakage and tangles. So, you need a proper technique to achieve this look. Below are some instructions to follow :

  • Brush your hair thoroughly. Make a horizontal part in your hair from one ear to the other. Separating the top half of your hair from the bottom allows you to concentrate on the top without hair overlapping your poof.
  • Lift the top half of your hair straight up. Gently brush the bottom 3 inches of roots at the back section of the hair you are holding down into your scalp. This technique mildly teases your hair, unlike a fine-toothed comb, which creates tightly woven teasing and tangles.
  • Release the newly teased hair. Brush smooth the very front portion of hair nearest your forehead. Don’t brush the entire teased portion, just the top layer so it smooths over the teased section, creating a poof.
  • Secure the smoothed hair in place behind your poof with a few barrettes or a clip. Preserve the longevity of your poof by spraying a few shots of hair spray on top of the poof if your hair is fine.
  • Avoid using hair gel or spray under the poof unless it’s a special occasion. Stiffening products make combing your hair out more difficult. Avoid tangles by combing out your poof before going to sleep or washing your hair.

Or you can create some braids? This half up-do with different style like braids actually just look like bohemian hairstyle.This hairstyle leaves most of your hair down. To complete this look, part your hair to the side. Gather a 2-inch section of hair from the full side and begin braiding from the part. You can use the three-strand braid technique or the French braid technique. Braid the hair until it can be tucked behind your ear. Secure the hair with an elastic band, and pin the braid behind your ear. Leave the rest of your hair down. Consider adding waves with a curling iron to keep the look soft. This style works for all hair lengths.

These were just a few ideas for a beautiful bridal hair. Remember to complement your choice half up-do with hair jewelery to accent your updo. This hairstyle will make you look stunning on your wedding day! good luck and have a great wedding!







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