The Braiding Hairstyles

Braiding  hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles, and have been in fashion for a long time. If you are bored of your normal hairstyle, or want a style which makes your hair look neat and at the same time cool, then going with some braid hairstyles will help you sport a new look. A braid is basically a hairdo which is always sectioned into an odd number and is formed by interweaving or interlacing the hair into a definite pattern.

A simple braiding hairstyle is created by sectioning the hair into three strands and weaving them into each other. For creating different braid styles, one must section the hair into more number of strands. There are many different forms of braiding that one can use for styling the hair. Mentioned below are some braiding hairstyles that only meant for you :

Braided Headband

Braided headband is a highly popular hairstyle which gives you a defined look. No matter whether you want to keep your bangs free or tie them, this hairstyle on the front looks classy. It will hold your locks back and keep them from falling on your face. A young fresh look is what you can get by adding it to your hairstyle. You can either have a separate headband on your hair or just have your headband made of your own hair. So you might be wondering how to braid a headband.

Here is a step-by-step procedure of the same that you can follow.

  1. Start this braid hairstyle by combing your hair and making it tangle-free. Make sure all the knots are released and hair is smooth. You will be working on the hair in the entire section around one ear.
  2. Take a section of your hair from front of one ear, say left ear. If you want to give the headband, an appearance of a ready-made band, take a section from behind of your ear. The section must be 2 inches wide and at least 3 inches in length (length meaning distance from ear towards the crown), following the curve of head.
  3. Take rest of the hair, even that from your hairline, backwards and tie it on back of your head. Comb the locks just in front the section made in Step 2, carefully and take them over to one side of the head. It is best to apply hair gel to these locks so as to keep them in place and avoid any disturbance while working on this cute hairstyle for girls.
  4. Divide this section into three sections and start braiding them into simple braid. Having it loose or tight is our choice. Once you reach the end of this section, you have to take it behind another ear, from your crown. Make sure it rests just about 1-1½ inches backwards from your hairline. Once again make sure all hair from the hairline is properly taken backwards.
  5. Now secure the braided section behind the right hair. You can first secure the braids with a rubber band matching with your hair color and then secure entire braided section in rest of your hair.
  6. Use bobby pins to tuck-in loose hair around the braid. Spray the braid headband with hair spray to keep it in place.

Pixie Braid

These are similar to micro braids. However, the major difference between micro and pixie braids is that micro braids look more relaxed than pixie braids. This is because when creating pixie braids, the hair braiding is done tighter and the braids are done near the scalp.

Horizontal Braid

For another ideas of the braiding hairstyles  is Horizontal Braid. What you need to do to get the horizontal braid look is to plait your hair from ear to ear, rather than working your braids downwards. Once the sideways braids are done tuck the rest of the hair under the braids and secure them with bobby pins, and you’re good to go with those cute horizontal braids. For some clarity on what the look should resemble, take a look at the image accompanying this article. The picture to the top, left, is a reasonably good example for this look.

The Dutch Braid

The Dutch Braid is done in much the same way as the French Braid, however, here instead of crossing hair sections over one another, they are crossed under one another.

The Corn Row

Comb hair to remove all tangles and dampen it a bit. Part a small section of hair to make the cornrow. Divide this small section into three sections and braid them in the fashion of an English Braid. Make about 2 or 3 plaits, tighten the braid, hold the outer two strands aside, fuse a new section of hair with the middle strand, plait again, pull tight, and add a new strand of hair to the middle section again. Continue until you reach the end.

English Braid with Chignon

This is a hairstyle created by coiling a simple English braid around your finger and tucking it at the end of the braid, under the coil. When the process of that is completed, the braid is rested at the back of your head sporting a ‘bun’. This style gives a chic formal look & can also be worn in a doubled style to give a sporty look. English braids with chignon are the simplest form of a hairdo and are very easy to create at home as well.

French Hair Braiding

It is a bit complicated, but its elegant look and intricate design and style is well worth the trouble. For creating a French braid, take a small section of hair at the top of the head or crown. Make three equal parts and begin with the right section. Cross this section of hair over the middle section, after which cross the left hand section in the same way. Now, pull a small section of hair on the right side and add it to the existing right hand section. Then cross this right hand section over the middle section. In the same way, take a small section of hair on the left side and add it to the existing left hand section, after which cross it over the middle section. In this way, the process has to be continued by adding newer and newer sections on both the sides and then crossing them over the middle section. Inverted French braid or Dutch braid is a variant of the French braid, which can be created by making a slight alteration. Here, each section of hair on either side has to be crossed underneath the middle section and not over it.

Fishtail Braid

This braid got its name for creating a braid that looks like the tail of a fish. For making this braid, take a small section of hair at the crown, and divide it into two equal parts. Now cross the right hand section over the left hand section. From this point the procedure resembles that of French braid, i.e. you have to take a small section of hair on the right and add it to the existing right hand section, after which it has to be crossed over the left hand section. Now repeat the process for the left side by lifting a small section of hair and adding it to the existing left hand section. Cross this left hand section over the right hand section. Repeat these instructions to make a really stunning braid that looks like a fishtail. If you want to make it more attractive, then adorn with rhinestone jewelry or hairpins.

Let’s take a look some Braiding Hairstyles pictures below :


Happy Braiding! :D








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