The Braided Mohawk Hairstyles for Women

Braided Mohawks combine the outlandish look of punk culture nonconformity with an ethnic hair styling technique for an original, funky look.  These hairstyles are mostly made on hard textured hair or curly hair, but can even by styled on fine hair and other types of hair. You may need to visit a salon to get the style right as it is quite awkward to do. If you do want to have a go then make sure you first use products that will make your hair manageable.

To achieve these hairstyles, you can go with the basic steps; start micro braiding the remaining hair on the sides in a vertical manner till it reaches the hair that is to be the Mohawk. After braiding the hair on both sides, free the hair from the ponytail and style it in the upwards direction. So, instead of shaving the side hair as in the typical Mohawk haircut, you simply need to turn the side hair into vertical cornrows. You can even try out a variation in this braided Mohawk.

You can divide the loose hair on the crown into parts and knot it individually. If you want to make the hair on the crown more voluminous, you can use rollers for that matter. Also, for the style; you do have the option of experimenting with the patterns of hair, braids, cornrows, etc.

The variations of the braided Mohawks styles:

The Standard Braided Mohawk

Take clean, dry hair and cornrow one-inch sections upward toward the crown. To do this, moisturize the roots and ends with a leave-in conditioner or hair oil. Part hair down one side from the front to the back. Then make another part right next to that. The second part is the actual mohawk and will not be braided. Start at the root of the section located at the front of the hair and braid once, then grab another section located just beyond the section you were working on, and then braid that. Continue this way in the upward direction and you will finish your first section. Continue this way until you complete half of your head. Repeat the braiding technique on the other half and then spray with a hairspray to hold. Rub a hair gel on the loose part of the mohawk to get it to stand up straight.

Knotted Mohawk

Once you braided mohawk is complete, you can alter it’s look to fit your style. Take your braided mohawk and comb out the loose part. If the loose part is stiff from the hair gel, wet it with warm water. Comb the loose part and divide it into four or more sections. The sections should be no larger than two inches wide. Twist the first section around into a coiled knot. The knot doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to be secure. Use bobby pins to keep the knot in place. Spray the knot with flexible hold hairspray if you have fine hair. Repeat the knotting process on the entire head. Use a color tinting spray on the knots to give it more character.

Curly Braided Mohawk

If you have curly or wavy hair, this look will work for you. Take your previously styled mohawk and curl the ends with a curling iron. if you have naturally curly hair then wet the curls and work a curl or shine gel through the ends. This will define the curls and give your look polish. If you don’t have natural curls, do your mohawk into a knotted style to create a wave. Try the knotted mohawk style for straight hair and just add hairspray. Wait an hour for your knots to dry, release the knots and you will have sassy waves that will enhance this style. Try using spray glitter or even mixing body glitter in your hair gel to give this curly look some sparkle. You can add a headband at the front of your mohawk to create a puff of hair at the front for a preppy twist on this rocker style.

Braided Mohawks are going to be trend this year. With braided Mohawks, you can have fun with your hair and get a new look!










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