The Black Men Hairstyles

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Black men hairstyles may at first seem bland and unimaginative, but there are actually many hair variations available for personal expression and individuality that take into account the specific needs of African-American men. A man can choose the right style by considering both his lifestyle and personality.

Micro Braids

These versatile and easy forms of hair braids are also known as the ‘invisible braids’. If you wear your hair long, ensure you do not add a lot of weight to it by micro braiding, which may result in hair breakage. Micro braids allow your hair to be natural as they can also be structured into a neat and professional look.


 This long style is often favored by men with Jamaican or Caribbean backgrounds, and consists of thick twists or braids covering the head. The hair may be only as long as the collar, or it may extend to the waistline.

Box braids

These consist of three or four strand braids. One pair has to cross on top of the other. Unlike other styles of braiding, box hair braids require two hair stylists for the entire procedure, which may also be a little time-consuming. The wait would definitely be worth it, because with box braids one has to be extremely careful about the amount of tension being placed on your locks.


Cornrows is another popular hair braiding technique that is often used by men to spice up their braided look. It is certainly one of the most fashionable braid styles for men. Cornrows is a style wherein braids are made very close to the scalp in simple or complex geometric patterns.

Close shave

This hairdo is meant for those men who want a fuss-free hairstyle. Close shaves are meant for guys who are confident, as this hairdo will only bring attention to facial features.


An afro or “fro” is a natural hair style where the hair stands out in a halo or puff around the head rather than being confined, straightened or trimmed. Some Afros are only an inch or two long, while others may be several inches in length for very pronounced styles, such as were popular in the 1970s.

How to care?

Because many afro-american or black men hairstyles are very short, they require regular touch-ups at the barber shop or salon to keep looking their best. In between professional treatments, it is important to use moisturizing products, including ethnic formulas if available, because very curly hair can become brittle and damaged very easily, increasing the risk of hair loss. Baxter of California carries an entire line of hair care products designed specifically to strengthen and nourish men’s hair. The company’s nutrient rich daily conditioner and protein enriched shampoo can both help give hair the strength it needs to withstand styling and ultimately prevent hair loss.  Aveda also has an all natural line of men’s hair care products that are perfect for African American men. These products have no harsh chemicals or additives that tend to damage brittle African American hair.

With short styles, men should also consider using a leave-in conditioner with UV protectant and sunscreen properties to help protect the scalp from sunburn and skin damage.

Black men hairstyles can be as individualized and unique as the men sporting them. From long styles to short buzzes, there is an option suitable for every personal preference and lifestyle need.




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