The Best Wedding Updos for Brides

Updos are often the most popular choice for brides on their wedding day. An updo provides convenience and keeps your hair up and out of the way. There are numerous of possibilities when it comes to selecting an updo.

Some of these choices, however, can be very versatile and fit with any theme or wedding dress. Below are some ideas of wedding updos for brides that you can consider to wear on your wedding day, keep reading:

Classic Chignon

The first idea for wedding updos for brides is the classic chignon. The classic chignon is created by gathering hair at the back of the neck, wrapping the length around the hair band and securing the ends with hair pins. You can pull hair straight back, part it in the front or create twists on either side of your head before creating the ponytail. This look can be worn slick or messy. For a slick chignon, straighten hair and apply a mousse to hair before wrapping and pinning. You can also curl the hair before wrapping the chignon to create a softer look. A loose or messy chignon is created by letting some of the ends stray instead of pinning them tightly into the bun. This look will look best with small veils worn near the chignon or by decorating with flowers or hair jewelry.

 Sophisticated Updos

Although this look may appear sophisticated and like it took hours, it’s quite simple for brides with long hair that is either straight, wavy or curly. Start with a tight ponytail centered just below the crown of the head. If starting with straight or wavy hair, curl a small section of hair around a finger and pin it randomly around the base of the ponytail. Brides with curly hair will have the advantage of being able to simply choose different curls already present. Continue curling small sections of the ponytail and pinning them to the head until all the hair has been pinned up. Add small flowers or even bobby pins finished with faux diamonds or pearls.

Braid With a Twist

For brides with particularly long hair (or added extensions), this look is a twist on the standard bun. Starting with a ponytail situated on the back of the head, either braid the hair into one piece or experiment with numerous smaller braids. After tying off the ends, wrap the single or multiple braids around the base of the ponytail and use bobby pins to hold the braid(s) in place. For a slightly less polished look, leave the ends of the braids spiking out of the braid bun.

Half-Updo with Tiara

Choose a tiara-enhanced half-updo for your wedding hairstyle if you are torn between an updo and a flowing “down” hairstyle or if you want your hair out of your face during the big day. The upward sweep of a half-updo will flatter your face and draw attention to the tiara. The loose part of your hair can be styled sleekly straight, in ringlet curls for a medieval princess look, or in beachy waves.

Vintage Updos

Vintage updos add an element of authenticity to period weddings by emulating the styles of bygone eras. Ratted Gibson girls, pin-up curls, knotted chignons and finger waves are all vintage styles that immediately achieve a retro feel for your wedding. Be sure to set each of these styles with copious amounts of hairspray as a finishing touch, so they will stay in place throughout the festivities.

The example pictures of Wedding Updos for Brides

The above are some wedding updos for brides that can enhance the appearance. Besides updos, there are many option hair styles for special occasion such wedding day.  All you need to do is choose the best one. Consider the hairstyle that suit you and your wedding theme. To get the best result you can ask your professional hairstylist. Feel free to experiment with your hairstyle! Wish all the best for your wedding day, cheers!  :D





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