The Best Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

The wedding day is the most awaited by most brides. It is most awaited because this is the most important day in a woman’s life. But wait a minute; things can get really hectic when it comes to planning all the details; right from the wedding gown to the venue. Try out these wedding hairstyles for medium hair much before your special day in order to avoid any rude surprises your hair can give you just when you didn’t want them.

Brides with medium hair can tie or leave it untied or a combo of both can be tried. Hair can be pulled back and tied leaving a few strands open to adorn the nape. Tiaras or shell hairpins can add to the beauty. Tying into an updo and decking it with white ivory also can be done or else an updo with renaissance curls concealing both ears can also make the bride look outstanding and different. Layered bob can be left open with the ends curled up gives a spectacular look. Medium hair can also be combed back and pinned to form ringlets, which can further be garlanded with floral pins. Butterfly hairpins will be apt for this hairdo.

Brides with straight hair can tie it into a high pony tail with side parting and then curl the hair strands into small curls with the help of rollers and then bedazzle with Rhinestone tiara or rose hairpins. Feathers and Traditional veils also make the bride look very graceful. A combination of tendrils and curls can also be tried making the wedding princess dreams come true. Shell and floral claws are also a very good option for brides with medium hair to maintain the style daylong.

Or try these side bun hairstyles. Simply comb all your hair neatly. Then take a section from the front and comb it back and then roll it and make a puff. But make the puff sideways by rolling the hair on the side and then secure it with some hair pins. Now, again comb the rest of the hair, while taking care not to disturb the puff. Then hold all the hair on one side and tie them in a tight ponytail. If you want a low hair bun, then tie the ponytail a little near the neck. If you want a high bun then create the ponytail behind the ear. Now, start creating a bun.

To do this simply collect all the ponytail hair and start rolling all the hair at the base of ponytail. Keep rolling the hair till the bun is done, and tuck the edge of the hair under the base of the bun and fix it with some hair pins. To accessorize use small 2-3 white flowers, and tuck them on top of the bun.

that’s was a few styles and steps to get a perfect wedding hairstyles for medium hair.

To create the gorgeous wedding hairstyles for medium hair, make sure you wear some pretty hair accessories to make your style look even better. After you are done with styling your hair, apply a bit of hair spray. As, this will help to hold the hairstyle better, for longer.







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