The Best Spikey Hairstyles for Men

The deal with spikey hairstyles for men is very simple. You can either get one of those spike haircuts for men, or you can just style your present hairstyle. These days, men’s hairstyles that are short, and messy look is really in.

Not only do they look stylish, but also, give the man a very sleek sophisticated look. Everyone, from Beckham to Jude Law, is sporting one of these.  Take a look at some of these hairstyles.

Caesar Cut

In the standard Caesar style haircut for men, hair is trimmed down to about 2 inches, throughout the scalp and a bit longer than that near forehead. Women also dare to wear this haircut, but they prefer to keep the length of the bangs longer. From front view, this look a straight haircut with horizontal fringes, but very stylish indeed. Another best thing about this men’s hairstyle is that it doesn’t require perming or straightening of the hair, which means it suits wavy, straight and curly hair equally! Those of you who want to experiment with the length of their hair or are afraid of the thinning hair, should confidently opt for this trendy hairstyle for men. Some men rate it as an outdated hairstyle, while some on the other hand want this haircut.

Classic Cut

As the name suggests, this is one of the best spikey hairstyles for men. These short trendy hairstyles for men are perfect for the boy next door look. This one is so versatile that you can randomly spike your hair, either straight up or push them side ways.

Crew Cut

This is one of the most sophisticated hairstyles for men, and also, an all time favorite. Not only is this haircut easy to maintain, but if you have a good strong hold gel, just run your fingers through your hair, and randomly spike the ends of your hair.

How To Do A Crew Cut?

Learning how to do a crew cut is a simple matter that only requires a bit of practice to perfect. In order cut hair in this fashion, one should start with a belt and wrap it around the head at the height where the hair is to be allowed to become longer. For a high cut, mark the head at the top of the belt. For a low cut, leave the belt in place and cut to the bottom of it.

With a set of adjustable electric clippers, one should set the length of the cut to the shortest setting. This will result in a nearly shaved appearance. For slightly longer sides and back, adjust the length of the cut to a longer setting. Cut the hair below the belt or mark on the head from bottom to top with the clipper facing away from the head.

The next step is to put the longest guard available on the clippers and cut the top of the hair from back to front. As the clippers are moved forward, gently pull the guard away from the scalp so that the front hair is left a bit longer than the back. If this leaves the hair longer than desired, choose the next shorter guard and repeat this process.

Finally, replace the guard with one that is one size smaller. Use this guard to create a taper around the top of the head between the shortest hair and the hair that was left longer on top.

Knowing how to do a crew cut can help one save a great deal of money on trips to the barbershop.


When you think of a spiked hairstyle, you may initially think of a Mohawk cut. This is when the sides of the head are shaved down, and you leave a one to two inch strip down the middle of the head. Some guys like separating the strips into several spikes, and adding a color to it, but this is a very specific look and may not work on everyone.

For styling a Mohawk you will need to apply a very heavy, maximum control hair wax to keep the hair from falling flat. It also helps to blow dry after you have applied the wax, just for extra structure and stiffness.

Short Textured Hair

Having short hair might make either one of these styles a little difficult to achieve, but that does not mean that you can’t add a little bit of height and volume to your hair by spiking what you do have. One of the most common hairstyles right now is the short, spikey do. Celebrities, actors, musicians and guys you see on the street are adding a little bit of edge and texture to their mane.

Adding a little bit of texture is so easy, and can make a big difference in the way you look. When you have a shorter cut, you can literally jump out of the shower, add a little bit of product to your head, lift and move some pieces around a little bit, and walk out the door. It is best not to use a dryer on a shorter cut because it can make everything blend together and form more of a pouf, rather than spikes.

Messy Shags

 This hairstyle is more popular with men who have medium length hair. This is one of the spikey hairstyles for men which is similar to the bed head look. All you need to do is dry your hair after a shower, take gel in your palm, and then randomly apply gel to your hair from the root to the tip. You can style the hair in any direction you want.

Mop Spike Style

For this hairstyle, you need a mop haircut. Mop hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles for men and women these days. To make this hairstyle into spike, you can choose to keep the bang as it is but spike the sides of the head to get a rocker like look.

Partial Spike

Spiking just the front of the hair is suitable for people who like the spiked look, but don’t want to go all out. This look is achieved by cutting the hair short above the ears and sides and leaving the front a little bit longer. Use some gel and your fingers to spike up the front or bangs of your hair. This style is ideal for business professionals and is appropriate or for any casual event.

Staight Up Spike

Spiking your hair all over the top of your head lends a hip appearance. This look is achieved by cutting the hair above the ears and the back, while leaving it a little longer in the front and on top of the head. Use some hair gel and mousse to style and spike hair with fingertips.This hairstyle gives you a fun appearance, but may not be appropriate for all professions or occasions.

The pictures of Spikey Hairstyles for Men

The keys to spike short hair are deciding on the look one desires and getting his hair cut in a manner that will support that style and knowing what product will be needed to hold the spikes in place. The best way to create this style is to use a good styling wax, gel, or pomade. This look is best produced when adding the styling product to damp hair. If the hair gets too dry, it will not stand up and may frizz. The spiked look is versatile. It can be worn at different lengths, and suits many face shapes.







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