The Best Hairstyles for Fat Faces

For those of you who have fat faces, you don’t have to worry how to finding the best hairstyle for you. Just because, there are many cute hairstyles to choose from.  Fat faces also referred as a round face. When you choose your hairstyle, make sure that it does add length to the face and not width to the sides.

Short Shag

A short shag will  look good on a fat face, as it will appear to lessen the width of the face. You can further modify this hairdo to make your hair look more beautiful. This is probably considered as the best hairstyle for round faces.


An updo is another cool hairstyles for fat faces. An updo hairstyle consists of the hair being piled on the crown, which will certainly add length to the hair. In addition, you can also make this hairdo more attractive by adding voguish hair accessories.

Layered with Side Swept Bangs

A layered hairstyle with side swept bangs is a good hairstyle for fat faces since long side swept bangs gives the illusion of a slimmer face. The layers also draws attention away from a rounded jawline. To style this hairstyle, first shampoo and condition your hair with an anti frizz shampoo and conditioner. When the hair is still a little damp, apply a texturizing cream to the hair and blow dry hair straight. Create a deep side part and flat iron the side swept bangs.
Short Pixie 

Another good option for hairstyles for fat faces is a short pixie cut which is easy to do and maintain. You can even spike up the hair and make layers with this hairstyle.

Long Hairstyles 

If you wear a long hairstyle, you need to keep the hair at the sides of the cheeks straight and not wavy. This will cause your face to appear more in length than in width. To hide the roundness of your face, you can even have tapered ends below the chin.

Hairstyle with Height 

Another trick for lengthening and slimming a round or fat face is to have a hairstyle with some height. Hair with height elongates the face, making it appear slimmer and changing the shape from round to oval. With straight hair, this means adding volume to the crown of the head with layers or hair products that provide volume.

The Best Hairstyles for Fat Faces

These are some flattering hairstyles for fat faces that can enhance your appearance. When choosing hairstyles for fat faces, make sure they do not add hair volume on the cheeks, but fullness on the crown.  If you are not really sure which hairstyle that suits you best, you can take some advice from your hairstylist. Good luck!




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