The Best Hair Color ideas for Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tones is spectrum spans skin tones from light beige to olive or deep tan. Normally, this tone can be found in middle east, Latin American and Asia.  If you have medium skin tone and thinking to dye your hair? then you must choose which color is right for you.  Here are some ideas hair color for medium skin tones.

So, what’s the best hair color for medium skin tones exactly? Medium skin tones should stick with medium red hair shades.  Also women with a medium skin tone should go in for auburn and light auburn colors. Darker shades such as dark auburn and brighter reds such as orange-red and bright copper should be completely avoided. Reddish browns are ideal for medium skin tones as they go very well with this skin tone type. Auburn is a subtle color and given your hair a lovely hue. It suits long and short hair and also straight and curly. Auburn is more versatile than other shades of red. This is a color that can be used on the entire hair and would still look nice. Check with a small strand whether it looks good on you before coloring the entire hair. Rest assured, once done, you are going to get loads of compliments. Another color; Coffee or chestnut hair colors look best on medium skin tones.  People with medium skin tones are also recommended to go for a single hair color that complements the skin.

Avoid to :

Medium skin tone and platinum blond are not a good combination. Going too light can result in an unnatural appearance for those with medium skin tone. Unless you are aiming for a big shock value, moving more than three shades away from your natural hair color can be risky.

Above are some ideas  about hair color for medium skin tones may be able to help you. If you are still unable to determine what are the best hair colors for your skin tone, then you can always seek help from your local stylist. Moreover, if you already have had a hair job done and are not satisfied with the results, then you can get the job undone with the help of certain wax and chemicals. However, it is always better to play safe when it comes to hair colors. Do not try out new shades just before you have something important lined up.




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