The Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bridesmaid hair styles make big impact on the overall harmony of a wedding. Bridesmaid hair styles are a topic of interest mostly in every salon. The wedding hair styles that are chosen by the bride and bridesmaids, in combination with the bridal dress and bridesmaid’s dresses, help to complete the theme of the wedding.

Bridesmaid hairstyle should give complement to the bride so don’t overdo it with your style. Before you decide on a hairstyle, make sure that you do the bride and the other bridesmaids first so that you can find out what the entire wedding theme is. Some brides like their bridesmaids to have the same hairstyle, which is why you should consult the bride first before doing anything to your hair. If ever you are allowed to do whatever you want with your hair, then that is when you can start looking for a hairstyle. For those of you who have long hair and being asked to be bridesmaid, how lucky you are! Because there are so many bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair that you can choose! And all you need to do is find the best style. No worries, Below are some ideas for bridesmaid hairstyles given only for you. Read on…


You need to gather your hair in a ponytail and then coil the pony into a roll. Pin the roll with bobby pins. You can let a few strands of hair fall over your face to create a sexy look or apply gel and get every hair strand in place for a more sophisticated and mature look. You can decorate your chignon with embellishments and fancy hairpins with jewels.

French Twist

You can tie a low ponytail without tying a rubber band. Then hold the pony tail at the nape and twist it upwards. As you twist the hair, tuck in the hair ends under the roll. Continue till you create a smooth roll. Secure the twist with bobby pins. You can leave some strands falling in your face or add some curls behind your ears. You can even make your French twist more attractive with some added embellishments and jewel studded hairpins.

French Braids

If you are proud of your long hair and want to show off your long Rapunzel-like tresses, French braid is the answer. You can create a French braid by taking small and equal strands of pieces of hair from each side of the head. Then twist these strands into a braid and as you go along the hair, continue braiding, taking strands from either side. This is one great formal prom hairstyles for long hair, which will help you create a romantic look and yet create a sophisticated look for you.

Side French Braid

The name already sounds a bit difficult to make, but surprisingly, the entire hairstyle isn’t that difficult to do as long as you already know how to french braid. This hairstyle is perfect for all wedding themes.

How to do?

Start with french braiding from the top right side of your head, and then continue french braiding until you reach the bottom of the left side of your head. Once you have reached the bottom left side of your head, you should then tease the bottom so that you won’t need to use a hair tie. After you have teased the bottom, make sure that you apply hairspray so that the braid doesn’t fall apart.

Messy Updo

A messy updo really gives the illusion that you have effortless beauty. It is a very nice hairstyle that is perfect for women in all ages, but of course, it looks best on women 25 and under. The best part about having this hairstyle during a wedding is the fact that it is super easy to do it yourself even though it has such a beautiful appearance.

How to do?

First, apply moose on your hair, and then blow dry your hair until your hair is completely dried up. Afterwards, curl your hair, then apply a bit of hair spray so that the curls will stay still. Then tie your hair in a bun and take two tiny sections of hair near your side burns. Curl the two sections again, and then pull the bun in two different directions. Pin both end of the bun so that you achieve the perfect bun. Apply a little more hairspray and you’re done.

Romantic Curls

Romantic curls are also very nice for bridesmaids to have during a wedding, as it won’t make you look better than the bride. This hairstyle was also in the pages of Vogue and will certainly be there for a very long time. This hairstyle is also very easy to do, which means you don’t need to be a hairstylist to have this hairstyle.

How to do?

All you need to do is apply a bit of moose, and then blow dry your hair until it is completely dry. Afterwards, curl your hair into big sections, then apply hairspray all over your hair. If you want the hairstyle to appear more romantic, you could apply a flower or a headband.


An updo is very popular among bridesmaids and brides when it comes to selecting a wedding hairstyle. This updo bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair, all of half of the hair can be pinned up. Either way, it is pulled away from the face, keeping bridesmaids cool and free of having to fix the hair. This style cannot be achieved by those with very short hair, but a medium or long-length of hair is ideal. There are many options when it comes to updos. Additions to an updo include a French twist, curls, braids, twists and even knots. It is best to have a specific updo style in mind and bring a photo of it to the stylist.

When you’re done reading, then… check out this bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair pictures below!

Would be very happy if we could see a smile on every face that comes along.  If you are satisfied and happy with your hairstyle and outfit that you wear, then being a good and beautiful bridesmaid is not a big problem for you! CHEERS~!






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