The Beautiful Bridal Headpieces

The wedding day brings great excitement and even anxiety to many brides. Planning the right wedding gown and a hairstyle to blend with the style of the gown can be a cumbersome task to many. This, of course needs loads of planning and discussions with your hair stylist to find one that suits you to perfection. Using the right bridal hair accessories can help you look your best on your wedding day. One of the best accessories for brides is bridal headpieces.

Besides veils, this accessories gives elegant, chic and gorgeous look for every brides. Not only for formal wedding dresses, but bridal headpieces are also preferred by the brides who are having casual, semi formal and beach wedding dresses. The bridal headpieces are your real saviors. Sometimes, choosing a bridal headpiece is a tricky yet exciting job for the brides to be. There is a huge array of headpieces for you to choose from. Below are some variety of bridal headpieces that you can choose :


If it is a casual wedding or a romantic beach wedding, then you can opt for those slack fascinators that are made out of flowers, beads and feathers. Fascinators are predominantly attached with headbands, combs or clips that actually become invisible inside your mane. If you are a skilled artsy person, then you yourself can make a cute fascinator with real as well as artificial flowers, laces and beads. While doing so, consider using the wedding flower, if you don’t want it, then you can also choose flowers like calla lily, white orchids, white roses and lilies. You can purchase fascinators that are made of feathers and beads or feathers and various bridal veil patterns.


On the other hand, if you want something utterly elegant, then all that you need to do is to treat yourself like a queen and opt for those delicate tiaras. Tiara headpieces look awesome with any kind of hairstyles for brides. You can either choose those tiara headbands that come with an attached veil or you can opt for tiaras without veils.

Clip-On Headpieces

Small bridal headpieces can make a large statement. Feathers, pearls and rhinestones glued to a piece of fabric-covered cardboard make a lovely facinator headpiece.  This is a lovely headpiece that matches a simple sheaf or mermaid dress. White ostrich feathers create a look of purity, while peacock feathers add color and sophistication.

Open Headband

In order to prove my introductory statement right, let me introduce you to two more beautiful types of headpieces for brides. One is the open headband that is also called circular headpieces for weddings. If you are going to have a updo hairstyle extension or if you have thick and curly hair and are planning to wear them in an updo, then open headbands are the best type of headpieces for you. To make this headpiece more attractive, the hair needs to be piled up at the mid top or top back side of the head and then attach this headband around your hairstyle. This headpiece surrounds that updo with total grace and poise, but, do not forget to leave a few face framing fringes.

Juliet Cap

Another type of headpiece that you can choose is the traditional Juliet cap. Juliet caps are often chosen by the brides who wear wedding hairstyles for short hair. These caps contain a lot of ornate beads and laces and they are worn way back or at the middle of the head. These headbands are made of large lace, which is adorned in layers and beads. These headpieces are also preferred by women who have short hair or who want updo hairstyles.

Check some pictures below for an example!

For bridal headpieces go for simple hairstyles, such as a bun or chignon, and accessorize with larger, more dramatic tiaras, flowers and headpieces. For dramatic hairstyles including bangs, use smaller headpieces, such as a silk flower, to compliment rather than overshadow your style. You can opt for headpieces made of different types of hats. All that you need to do is to play it along with the wedding theme and wedding color.






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