The Balding Men Hairstyles

If you are a man who having a bald-head and sometimes it drive you crazy and probably embarrassing you all the time. Well… if so, you need a help I guess. If the main problem about your balding is because you can’t find the best hairstyle that really suit you, then this page definitely the right ones for you. Even for balding man, it doesn’t mean you’re not worthy for the fantastic hairstyles. There are so many hairstyles for man with balding head that you can choose! Mentioned below are some balding men hairstyles only meant for you:

Medium Length

Wearing your hair at medium length all over, such as Owen Wilson’s shag hairstyle, is also a great option for masking a receding hairline. The longer bangs are worn over the forehead and the sides and back blend with similar lengths.


Another option of balding men hairstyles is the buzz cut. Think Bruce Willis or Lance Armstrong for great examples of men going super short and still looking sexy. There is a time when covering up your balding head just becomes a practice in futility. Instead of having a bad hairstyle in an attempt to cover up your hairline just go with it and set yourself free. A buzz cut is super low maintenance and looks great on the right shaped head.


Unlike the buzz cut, which leaves a small amount of hair on your head, completely shaving the scalp will remove all signs of balding. This type of haircut is ideal for those who are thinning heavily on the top of their crown. To achieve this appearance, buzz the head with clippers that have no attachment. Apply a thick conditioning cream to the scalp and allow this cream to moisturize your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing clean. With extra-moisturizing shaving cream, lather your hair and carefully shave with a razor. If you have never completely shaved your head before have a stylist do it for you, as this will ensure you do not get razor burn on your scalp.

The Fauxhawk

The Fauxhawk is a more modern (and milder) adaption of the classic punk-rock hairstyle. Instead of shaving the hair around the top of the head completely, the wearer keeps it short, and keeps the hair at the very top of the head slightly longer. The middle is spiked up for a cool and contemporary look.

Short Hair

If longer hair isn’t your style, opt for a shorter men’s haircut. Having hair shorter in the front and on top will allow you to blend the thinner hair with the rest. George Clooney or Hugh Laurie both have slight recession at the temples so not much is required to blend the balding spots. Your best bet for receding temples is to keep the hair short so there’s not such a contrast between your hair and the balding temples


  • Many balding men choose to don some kind of headgear to detract attention from a bald head. Baseball caps, bandannas or cowboy hats are popular choices for many men in the United States. However, make sure the hat suits your overall style, or it may be obvious that you are attempting to conceal your baldness. A three piece suit, for instance, finished off with a baseball cap is likely to attract attention.
  • Fighting the process of balding is often a losing battle, with many solutions such as wigs or spray-on hair merely drawing attention to the problem rather than curing it. An extreme solution to the process of balding is simply to shave your hair off. Many men can look attractive bald, so this may be the best solution for you. Shaved heads tend to look better on well-proportioned heads. You may also want to try growing a beard to offset the lack of hair on top.

The Pictures of The Balding Men Hairstyles

When choosing balding men hairstyles, many of said men make similar mistakes that, while seeming to be productive actually make matters worse. Not worse from a “makes hair fall out faster” standpoint, but worse, in that the cut makes balding and thinning areas look sparser and thinner. The key to a good haircut for balding men is to cut the hair so that the hair remaining covers the scalp more effectively. This is generally accomplished by cutting the hair in a layered style shorter than the width of the “balding area”. The reason for this is that normal, healthy hair likes to lie alongside its fellow hairs. Yet, when the hair is growing sparse on the scalp and the hairs “group up” in this manner, it makes the hair look even thinner and often stringy. I hope for some information in this article is really useful for you who have the bald-problem. However, you don’t have to hard-thinking about your baldness. For every problem it’s always had a way out. Just don’t hesitate to ask your hairstylist for another good idea.  After all, accepting yourself about this condition is the best answer for you. And anyway, having a bald-head isn’t bad at all, but sexy though….   be proud of it! Cheers!







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