The Awesome Young Men Hairstyles

Young men hairstyles are often based on what the top Hollywood celebrities are sporting and can quickly change. When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to decide how much maintenance you want to put into your hair. Some hairstyles will require you to spend some time styling it daily, while others won’t require any time at all.

There are many options for young men who are in search of a new hairstyle.

Crew Cuts

Crew cuts are another easy to maintain young men hairstyles. To get crew cuts, the hair at the sides and back are shaved off, and the top hair is cut relatively short and graduated in length. This way, the hair is maintained longest at the front of the hairline while at the back, it’s kept shortest.

Collegiate Cut

The collegiate cut, otherwise known as the Ivy League cut, is a standard young men hairstyle. It is characterized by close cut, even buzzed with a clipper, on the sides and back, and hair is left longer on top. The top should be left long enough that it can be styled. Modern versions of the collegiate haircut for young men spike the hair on the top of the head or even narrow the strip of hair on the top of the head in a styles known as the mohawk and the fauxhawk.

The Pompadour

Pompadours are a dramatic hairstyle that surfaced during the 1950s among musical legends such as Elvis Presley and, earlier, Frank Sinatra. The style has persevered and is still worn by those who appreciate the vintage rock-and-roll (or rockabilly) look and even current stars, such as singer Bruno Mars, can be seen sporting the pompadour. Get the pompadour style by using the right products and the proper technique. Complete the look with a tight, white t-shirt and dark, cuffed jeans.

Front Spiky Styles

If you like spiky short hair styles for young men with straight hair, then try this modern spiky hair style. This hairstyle is very popular, and can be seen sported by many celebs. To get this style, cut hair at the back and sides very short, and keep the crown hair longer. Then cut the crown hair into a tapering angle, with the hair kept longest near the forehead. Then style these front hair upwards, with a gel.

Emo Punk Hairstyles

The Emo punk hairstyles for male has been popular among the young blood for decades. The Emo punk hairstyles for men does not have a fixed definition and one can create many looks depending on one’s individual interpretation. You need to have black hair that is spiked or highlighted with bright colors. You can have long bangs that are casually brushed aside to one side that usually covers one eye. Or you can have asymmetrical lines and spiky hair. The Emo spiky hair comes under the category of short punk hairstyles for young men. You can choose different colors or two tone hair color that are in combination with black hair color. You can even go in for Emo punk hairstyles without the alternating hair color ideas.

Swept Away

This hairstyle is for those of you a young man who have medium length hair. Long bangs combed in a sweeping move to the side are the biggest trend in young men’s medium hairstyles. Seen on many celebrities, they have several variations that allow them to be altered to the man wearing it. Long sides and back with the bangs swept over is popular, as is the shorter back and longer sides and front. In general, the bangs are swept from left to right in a curving motion and are somewhat fringed to avoid looking angular.

Messy Look

This messy hairstyle for young men can be created with the help of gel. The messy look is popular with most teens, who have no time on hand for hairstyles that come attached with all the fuss. A messy look is considered to be cool by many women and therefore you might just hit it off with that cute girl next door with the messy look!

The Example Styles of Young Men Hairstyles

These were some ideas and example pictures of young men hairstyles. To achieve the best result, visit the barbershop near you. But if you want to create it by yourself, then you need to learn some proper ways to style.






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