The Awesome Emo Guys Hairstyles

The term of ”Emo” which is short for emotional, was created in the 1980s to describe a culture that embraces a specific type of music and dresses to display certain emotions. Emo is a mixture of punk and goth styles of music, dressing, hairstyles and attitude. Emo is short for “emotional hardcore.”

If you are a guy who is interested in getting an Emo hairstyles, there are many choices for you. Here are a few ideas about Emo guys hairstyles you can choose from.

The Emo Bob

As far as haircuts are concerned, emo is largely androgynous. Haircuts that are acceptable for guys are also acceptable for girls. This usually means long bangs swept to the side, and the emo bob is perhaps the best example of this. To make it a little bit edgier, add some color to one side. Asymmetrical haircuts are another emo trademark.

Subtly Emo

If you are a man who works and lives in a professional environment, showing off your emo side may be difficult. This hairstyle would definitely work with your needs, since it is subtle. Keep your medium length hair an average hair cut, but leave your bangs slightly longer than you usually would and let them naturally cover one eye. You can style them back when you need to, but still display an emo hairstyle whenever you want.


Getting highlights that are significantly lighter than your base color is an emo hairstyle within itself, especially if your base color is black. Emo highlight colors include, but are not limited to, red, purple, blue, blonde and pink. Even emo men can have pink highlights.

Covering One Eye

Long hair with bangs that comb over and cover one eye is a popular cut for an emo look. Have your stylist razor cut the front part of your hair to give you thick, sharp bangs, then when your hair is wet, comb it over and blow dry so that it covers one eye. This look works for long hair past the shoulders, but looks better on hair just at the shoulders or even a little higher.

Messy and Low Key

For a less drastic look that’s still in keeping with the emo vibe, cut your hair to just above the ears with choppy layers in it. Using hair wax or gel, you can twist various layers out and up for a messy, just woke-up look. Again, with most emo styles, this look works best for the emo trend if you dye hair black.

Short Shag

The short shag is most similar to an updated version of the mullet and actually resembles Joan Jett’s signature style, even though it is primarily worn by men. Because the top has the shortest layers and the bottom, which would fall to the shoulders or above, is thin and scraggly, the style could be mistaken for a mullet.

The Pictures of Emo Guys Hairstyles

Like most rebellious looks, these emo guys hairstyles has become mainstream and worn by many.  If you already decide which is the emo style that you will wear, then don’t forget to bring your picture for example to your favorite stylist. For another ideas, you can find it plenty on internet or fashion magazine. Good Luck!








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