The Adorable Anne Hathaway Short Hair

Many celebrities have gone to the short hairstyle  because it is easier to manage, looks great and feels healthy. And the beautiful actress Anne Hathaway is one of them. Anne Hathaway wore a pixie haircut and looks very pretty. Anne Hathaway’s pixie looked particularly gorgeous with her outfits that has been shown to us on several occasions. Short, edgy but soft, Anne Hathaway short hair is one of the most cute haircut lately!

To get the style like Anne Hathaway short hair, firstly wash hair with a texturizing shampoo and towel dry. Apply a leave-in conditioner then blow dry completely. Depending on the length of your cut, run a flat iron over stray pieces until you achieve the desired shape. You can also use a fine-toothed comb and blow dry on medium heat to achieve the same effect. Rub some styling pomade onto your hands and run your hands through your hair to shape and finish the look.

Anne Hathaway short hair is really making a huge impression for fans and adored by many women. Almost all styles of Anne’s hair, be it short to long are really inspiring and works best on her. Honestly, i myself did these pixie cut and imitate her style, and the result is really satisfied! So, if you have a plan to get short haircut, then Anne Hathaway pixie cut can be your best choice, but consider your face shape first. Anne’s short hair works best for square to oval face shape. Anne Hathaway short hair is one of the best pixie haircut that totally represented a beautiful short hair for women!





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