Tape Up Hairstyle for Men

A tape up hairstyle is also known as a taper haircut.  A type of haircut originally attributed to young urban black men. The phrase tape up was coined by men of Italian-American backgrounds and tends to indicate a particular style of this haircut. It is like a fade that stops right above the ear and about 2-3 inches above the neckline, allowing the hair on the rest of the head to be longer. If taken to the next level, by meticulously putting 3 pounds of gel onto the scalp and twisting locks of hair into “spikes,” it becomes a blow out. A tape up haircut is usually worn by men, and the length of the hair decreases gradually over the head from the top down.


It is a look that has become more progressively mainstreams, resulting in a haircut with many variations worn by men, and more uncommonly women, of many different backgrounds.

The Tape Up Hairstyle Pictures

There are many versions of a tape up hairstyle as it is very versatile and can be customized. This form of haircut is often viewed by the wearer as a form of artistic expression, and many communities have styles that associate them as belonging to a particular social group. Examples of variations of this haircut include the hi-top, the low-top, and the half fade.






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