Sultry Bob Hairstyles

A flattering hairstyle is imperative to looking and feeling terrific. One versatile hairstyle for women of all ages is a bob.The bob hairstyle is classic and has many variations for different hair types and facial shapes. With any type of bob haircut, you can create a professional and polished look for work, a casual or a sultry look for the evening. If you are looking for sultry bob hair styles you can go check some ideas below :

Feathered Bob

The feathered hair was the most enduring hairstyle of the 1970s. Immortalized by Farrah Fawcett, it featured hair curled outward in multiple layers, creating a slightly windblown look. It required significant hair volume, and was a predecessor to the “big hair” of the 1980s. It remains in use today, although the hair volume is typically not as large as the 1970s version. Now, this hairstyle could be called feathered bob hairstyle, and still favored by many women.

Inverted Bob

The inverted bob is an elegant look that is both high fashion and versatile. This style works with almost any hair type, face shape, or age group. The inverted bob is short and tapered in the back at the neck, and gradually gets longer towards the front. Layers are often added to give the hair more volume and movement. This style can also be razored for a choppier, edgier look, and pomade can be used to define the different textures and layers. You can curl this style as well for a more formal look.

A-Line Bob Hairstyle

If your hair is cut to just below your chin an A-line bob hairstyles can be beautifully sleek and stylish. The A-Line bob haircut is shorter in the back and longer in the front, similar to a graduated bob which is why it works best with hair that isn’t too short or long. Flat iron this style straight for a smooth look or curl it with a medium length barrel curling iron for texture.

Medium Length Bobs

If you like your hair long a medium length bob is the solution if you don’t want to sacrifice too much length. You can still get a bob hairstyle with a medium length haircut that is above the shoulders. Someone who wants to elongate their face shape (like those with round face shapes) would look great with a medium length bob. Have your stylist to create texture at the ends of your hair for a beautiful look.

Long Bobs

Long bobs are perfect for someone who wants to test out a bob hairstyle look without committing to short hair. A long bob hairstyle can be cut right above the shoulder and looks best when it has minimal layering, creating a sleek look.

The Pictures of Sultry Bob Hair Styles

With a variety of sultry bob hair styles to choose from, you should be able to find the perfect sultry bob for your face shape and hair type. For party or every special occasion, these bobs really suit you with any outfits and make up. So, don’t hesitate to try this hairstyles!





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