Stunning Loose Curls Hairstyles

Loose curls hairstyles is one of the most chosen hairstyles by girls to rock the upcoming summer season. These hairstyles can gives you a soft romantic look and appropriate for any occasion. Also with the loose curls hairstyles, you get the chance to increase the depth and volume of your hair making your tresses look much better with some high-level hair accessories. Loose curls are the perfect way to add texture to your hair.

The Half Up

One of loose curls hairstyles that you can choose is the half up look. To create this style, curl your hair using the method outlined above, then pull the sides of your hair back and secure it with a hair elastic or barrette. For a more dressed up, trendier look, tease the hair at the crown of your head to give it added volume. Use a comb or brush to gently smooth the teased hair, then pull the sides of the hair back. This will give the style a more retro look.

Romantic Loose Curls

Another easy loose curls hairstyles is The romantic loose curls. These hairstyle is perfect to nail down the hottest party look. Use hot rollers or a tong to add definition and volume to your tresses. To create;  Begin by washing the hair with a good moisturizing shampoo, followed by a body-building conditioner. Towel dry the hair gently with soft, fluffy towel. Apply firm hair gel or styling mousse completely through the hair while it’s still slightly damp. Be sure to coat all of the hair, from the scalp to the ends. Divide the hair into three equal sections, and clip two of the sections up and out of the way. Place a hot roller about 2 inches above the end of the separated section and wrap it around the hot roller until all of the hair is wrapped on the roller, keeping the hair smooth as you work. Continue separating and rolling the divided section hair until all of the hair is on rollers, and then repeat with the remaining two sections. Leave the rollers in the hair at least until they cool, and then remove them carefully and arrange the curls carefully with your fingers. Don’t use a hairbrush, because brushing will remove the curl. Mist the curls lightly with hairspray to prolong the curls and control frizzies.

Ponytail Style

When loosely curled hair is combined with a ponytail style, you can achieve a very sophisticated look. Ponytails are no longer just for gym class; many stars can be seen with a sleek ponytail on the red carpet, making this a very popular up-do. Allow the hair around the face to hang loosely for a more romantic style, or pull all of the hair back for a sleek, sophisticated ponytail.

Some pictures below may be able to be an example :

When you got invited to your friend’s party or special occasions like prom or another formal events, I suggest you to choose this hairstyle. This hairstyles can brighten up your appearance! Try experimenting with some of the popular loose curls hairstyles and depending on your length of hair medium, long or short; you can decide the type of curls hairstyle you want to have for the occasion.




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