Stunning Blonde Hair Color

It’s quite fun if we always trying to explore our look everyday! One trick is change our hair color. And blonde hair color can be your choice. Blonde is said to be the most happening color of the season. Blonde became very popular, because with this color we will change appearance dramatically!As you can see, Blondes can be tricky but oh so beautiful when they’re done right. There’s some formulas for beautiful blonde hair color to inspire you to try something new. Such as; Pale Golden Blonde, Icy Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Ombre Blonde and Bronde (Brown and Blonde).



But before you decide to coloring your hair, you should consider about the tones of your skin. In order to get the best result for you, it’s important to understand. There are three tones of the skin, namely warm, cool and neutral. Warm skin tones include olive, golden and dark skin colors and brown or dark eyes; cool skin tones are fair skin color with green or blue eyes, while neutral skin tones have medium shades of the above mentioned skin tones.

For Dark Skin

People with dark skin tones should strictly refrain from dyes that create too dramatic appearance. They should also avoid hair colors with yellow undertones (especially the people with olive or dark skin colors). They should try ash blonde and deep golden blonde shades instead. Get honey blonde highlights on the face framing fringes and flaunt the hair in style! Dyeing your hair at home is ideal only when you are well aware about the hair coloring procedure. Otherwise I would suggest you to leave the job to a professionals as far as getting blonde hair color is concerned.

For Medium Skin
People with medium skin tones are the blessed ones, as they can opt for a huge array of hair coloring ideas when it comes to the blonde hair dye. They can try any particular blonde hues that they desire for, for instance strawberry blonde! All you need to do is to decide the degree to which you want to dye the hair and go for it. But, to keep it more natural, opt for the dyes that are not too stark or bright. Hence, refrain from platinum blonde hair completely! The best option is to try honey blonde hair dye with a few subtle highlights framing your face! You can also add hair highlights and lowlights and get that tricolor look.

For Fair Skin
People with fair skin should opt for the cool blonde shades. Absence of red undertones in the hair will neutralize the ruddiness of your skin. As I said earlier, never go for more than 2 shades lighter than the original hair color. If you do, then you will have to touch up the hair roots, time and again. Transforming dark hair to super light mode, requires a lot of toning, bleaching and lighting, which is not at all good for the health of your hair. You can try complete golden blonde or medium blonde hair with light blond highlights. If you are brunette and planning to go blonde, my suggestion is – never attempt it at home or on your own. Always find a skilled hairdresser to do the job.

Tips for Blonde Hair Color:

  • Ensuring that your hair is also well conditioned once it has been colored will go a long way to keeping your blonde locks looking their best and to keeping your color for as long as possible. Using color specific shampoos and products that contain sunscreen will also help to minimize fading caused by everyday washing and sun exposure.
  • Disguise your roots with a zigzag part or a headband or scarf. Having highlights applied will blend better than an all over solid block of color. If re-growth is a real problem, try to stick to a shade no more than 3 shades lighter than your natural color.
  • Match the seasons by varying your color tone. Enjoy a great blonde color all year round!
  • Complement your features. Blonde hair will brighten your skin and bring out the color of your eyes.
  • Try using a toner between salon visits or a specific blonde shampoo which is designed to keep your blonde color classy and not brassy.

Being blonde does take work and can be very damaging to your hair, however, preparing your hair before visiting the salon and keeping up with maintenance and a basic hair care routine at home is the key to ensuring that your blonde locks are your crowning glory. If you are changing hair color very often, this can be a problem and hence, you need proper hair color instructions. Even over processing your hair can damage its original texture.





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