Stunning and Cute Hairstyles for School Girls

What style you wear while often being in school? ? pigtails or just wear a hair clip? and now you feel so-so-so bored with that style? calm down my dear, in this article I’ll discuss some of the new styles that may be an option for you. There are many cute hairstyles for school girls, but it all depends upon your hair length and hair type. For example, certain hairstyles look good with curly hair, while some only work with straight hair. Also, with medium and long hair you can create many long braid styles.

But with short hair, a person is only limited to do the ponytail or hair down styles. These below are some ideas for cute hairstyles for school girls, such as;

Graduated Bob

A graduated bob looks very cute and is easy to maintain, but you can also go with a blunt bob or go with a stacked bob or even go with a cute romantic bob if you have curly hair.

Pouf Hairstyle

If you are looking for an easy hairstyle that is polished and easy to create, then you cannot go wrong with a pouf hairstyle. It is an ideal hairdo for those times when you do not want to leave your hair open, but at the same time don’t want the hassle of creating an updo. To create this hairstyle, first section off the top section of your hair, between your temples. Backcomb this section of hair, and pin it at the back of the crown. Brush the sides of your hair and gather it back to create a ponytail.

You can twist the front broad strands of hair, one on each side. Now, use an alligator clip to hold each strand in place at the back to have a gorgeous hairstyle for children. This will keep the front hair from falling on their face and give a casual look due to the free hair.


The pixie hairdo has become a kind of fashion nowadays. This style is a perfect match for girls having extra fine hair, and is really simple to style. This cut requires the top and crown part of the hair to be cut in a circular fashion to create uniform layers. It finally turns out to be a pixie-like look. You would just require a little amount of hairstyling gel for setting the hair correctly.


To make these hairstyles look more fun and match your dress, always use some hair accessories. There plenty of hair accessories; make a collection of different kinds of hair accessories in a box and use them, whenever styling your hair into a pony, braid, updo or curly. You can keep Chinese sticks, colorful bands, colorful hairpins, jeweled pins, flowers, jeweled combs, shark clips, crystal barrettes, hair magnets, pony elastics, etc. So, make a collection of hair accessories, so that they come in handy when you are getting ready for school.

Those above are some very popular a  cute hairstyles for school girls. While trying all the cute school hairstyles meant for girls, always consider hair care and school dress code in your mind. Some schools may not tolerate the hair coloring and therefore, you can use temporary hair color for special events at your school.






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