Simple and Elegant Mother of The Bride Hairstyles

The mother of the bride also is the star of the wedding, and logically should look fine. If you are the mother of the bride, choose a hairstyle that is simple, yet elegant. Choosing from all the mother of the bride hairstyles you were looking at is not just another detail to attend to before the big day arrives. Although all eyes will be on the bride on this most glorious day, you will also be getting plenty of attention, so you’ll want to look your absolute best.

Mentioned below are some ideas of mother of the bride hairstyles that might you can consider:

Half Up

For a simple style, pull your hair half up and pin in the back with a decorative clip. Add a loose curl for added elegance and pull out small tendrils around your ears to soften the look.


A chignon is a simple and classic hairstyle for the mother of the bride. The chignon is a formal hairstyle that’s also understated and elegant and pairs well with a variety of dress necklines. Make your chignon a custom style by wearing it to one side, curling your hair prior or adding any other style flair you wish.

Down Styles

These are popular formal hairstyle of mother of the bride hairstyles too. If you have short or medium length hair then these are the best hairstyles for you. They are easy to carry hairstyles, and require very less styling. Also, you can create hair down hairstyles yourself, without having to spend hours in the salon. If you have short hair and want to wear your hair in a natural hair down style then use these tips. For those who have overgrown hair consider getting a trim. You can get your usual haircut or try a layered bob style. On the day of the wedding or a special occasion, wash your hair clean and condition them.

Curly Updo

Create soft curls and waves all over the head, then gather them all back and pin them up into a soft bun at the back of the head. The key to this style is keeping it simple and understated; the bride’s hair should be the most elegant.

With your hairstyle use the right hair accessory too. You can choose some sparkly accessories. Such as; crystal hair accessories, mother-of-pearl barrettes or colored hairpins that coordinate with the wedding colors.

These were some ideas of mother of the bride hairstyles, but it’s all yours. Make sure you pick one the best hairstyle that suit you well that will stay in place throughout the night. Or if not you can ask your hairstylist to get the best result. Good Luck!










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