Simple and Elegant Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles

When we started to speak about hairstyles,  probably it would be never end!  Hairstyles is the most magnificance style that really aspirated a lot of attention in all ages. One of the most popular hairstyles is medium length wavy hairstyles. So much popular among teenagers, women and men though.

 Medium length wavy hairstyles have become very popular recently, because they meet these essential requirements. If we talk about hair is that length, wavy hair one of the most recent trends of the season. The average length of the beauty of the waves, which can be easily done using triplex curling irons and flat curling iron or a simple braids. Choose from a variety of options from the delicate, fine to very dense, well-defined waves  any version will probably look fine.

For an example you can see at Vanessa hudgen’s hairstyle :

Start by parting your hair down the center. Apply volumizing mousse to damp hair, and blow dry. Once your hair is dry, wrap random sections of hair around a 2 inch curling iron to add waves throughout your hair. Mist your hair with texturizing spray, and tousle it with your fingers to finish. This Hairstyle has only long layers cut around the sides and back to lighten length and encourage the bounce and movement of waves addd making it great style to frame a long face.

If you like updos and stuff, then go  chignon to style your medium length wavy hair, chignon has a lot variations for sure.  From up, bun, loose or side, chignon really makes your hair look elegant. A simple and elegant style, the chignon, comes from a French phrase meaning “nape of the neck.” A chignon is best understood, not as a single style, but as a family of hairstyles, all characterized by the up-sweep and pinning of hair that has been gathered at the nape of the neck. French roll,” “hair knot,” and “bun” are all different names for types of chignons. Once you have learned the basics, you will discover how different accessories, products, and techniques can take your chignon from the office to the gym to a night on the town.

For medium length wavy hair to style into chignon;  firstly, Make a ponytail (loose or tight), places the “donut” around the ponytail elastic, start spreading the tail of the ponytail in all directions and tuck ends under the donut to cover up the whole donut – and pin as you go. Don’t forget to get a chignon form and use it to wrap your hair around. It’s like a foam donut the size of the chignon you want.

We must remember that a very important role is played by the health of hair, so try to take care of hair, to enhance the effect of the hairstyle. Everyone’s hair type and style is different so experiment with different products and styles until you find the best medium length wavy hairstyles for you.




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