Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Shoulder length hairstyles is the most flattering hairstyle, especially if you have thin hair. It’s possible that when you say “thin” you really mean “fine” which instead of referring to the hair’s density refers to its texture. Fine hair can look similar to “thin” hair on the head, as in both cases the hair tends to be “flat” and lie close to the head.

This type of hairdo gives a very natural look for girls who have thin hair. Shoulder length hairstyles for thin hair which the hair that is around the back and sides of the head is trimmed in a soft oval shape, with the hair at the scruff ending one or two inches beneath the shoulders. It also includes long and side swept fringes and soft feathering around the face. If you have straight hair, you can add a bit body to its appearance by curling the hair ends outwards.

This kind of haircut is great for both men as well as women having thin hair. This style requires a skillful hand for layering the hair appropriately to appear choppy, but not so much that it would look thin. It is recommended that the hair that comes off the pate is a minimum four to five inches long. The rest of the hair needs to be layered to become gradually shorter, the nearer it gets to the backside of the neck. In order to add a womanly touch, use mousse on the roots for a solid body and gel to the ends for drama.

Also, you can try a shoulder length hairstyles for thin hair with layers, that is a simple flow down. It is exactly as its name suggests, just cut the hair in a normal flowing layer and add bangs or part it with waves, ringlets or curls at the end. To manage layered hairstyles for shoulder length hair, as the layers quickly outgrow their original length. The shoulder length haircuts with layers tend to last for about eight weeks without the general trimming. The number of trims you require will depend on the number of layers you have. Make sure you condition your hair regularly to maintain manageable layers. Layers also help prevent split ends and damage hair. Apply hair care products like volumizing cream or spray to keep the layers in place. Do not style your hair heavily with hair care products, as it makes the layers look still and ruin the natural flow of hair.

Wearing thin hair at a shoulder length seems like a simple proposition. However, the wrong cut falls flat fast because thin hair has the potential of getting dragged down when you wear it in longer styles. Do’s : Create volume in your haircut and, potentially, with your bangs. Wield some new cutting and styling tools to give your thin hair movement and at least the suggestion of volume.

How To Care?

Keep your shoulder-length haircut looking sharp by trimming away damage every few weeks. Between cuts, reduce damage by using a gentle shampoo. If your hair gets too weighed down by conditioner, making your hairstyle fall flat, water down your conditioner and use it sparingly, skipping your roots. Skip heavy styling products and opt for foamy mousse, spray gel and shine serum instead.

Many times shoulder length hair seems to be the perfect choice for women who prefer low to medium levels of maintenance for their tresses and who want to enjoy many of the style options of long hairstyles. Shoulder length tresses pose fewer problems when it comes to creating volume, are considered relatively safe choices for all face shapes because they don’t alter facial features in a highly decisive way and they don’t weight down the face like other longer hairstyles tend to do after a certain age. These are just a few shoulder length hairstyles for thin hair, however, there are many more such fashionable hairstyles.




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