Short Wispy Hairstyles for Women

Create wispy locks that make you look as though you have wind-blown hair from walking along the beach. Wispy hair looks flowing and soft with volume, so it’s easy to achieve this look with the right cut and styling tools. This style isn’t really curly or super straight, but rather a combination of the two styles, since wispy hair is straight at the top and mid-section with a slight curl at the ends.

For easy-to-manage-style then you can choose the short ones. Short wispy hairstyles have many variations. From classic bob to layered hairstyle, short wispy hairstyles absolutely can define your hair into beautiful locks. Create this look for a casual date or before heading off to school or college.

Classic Wispy Bob

The classic wispy bob is the most common form of a wispy bob. The style consists of light choppy hair lengths and flicked ends to create a naturally bent curve over the shoulders. The look is also very versatile; you can create extravagant flicks for a wide and volumized feel or hold back on the curl and sport a subtler bob. Some stylists flick only sections of the bob (usually the front edges of the face) to make a wispy bob that looks fantastic in profile but still light and fluffy from the front. The advantage of this look is that it frames the face in a much gentler way than does a straight-edged or straight-cut bob; this softly accentuates the features of the face, as opposed to violently bringing out the cheekbones, eyebrows, and chin “See References 1-4.”

Wispy Bob With Bangs

For ladies who like the wispy effect and would like to fully frame the face, a bob with bangs can produce an attractive, contemporary look. Whether your bob is long, medium length or short, bangs provide a younger, sophisticated style. Cut a thin layer of bangs at brow-level and trim the ends of the length on a subtle angle around the face to meet with your bangs. Thinning shears may be used on the ends to create pointy strands that accentuate your wispy new ‘do.

Wispy Short Layered

Wispy short layered hair styles are among the top notch trends of the season due to their power to soften hair texture and furnish the face with a well-defined frame. To get the style, you need to have the proper cut first. The cut is Wispy Fringe and added along the neckline and the sides.  The front bang area is left longer and angled to the side. Apply volumizing serum prior to blow-drying.  Then use a small-medium size round brush and blow-dry the hair under from the crown all the way up to the front, including the sides.  Finish by using  fingertips to style the curls, and finish with light-hold hairspray.

Wispy Pixie

Wispy pixie hairstyle is cut above the ears; the bang is cut longer and wispy, resting just a little past the eyes.  Slight Layers are cut through-out the interior, and Hair is tapered around the ears and neck.   Apply Smoothing serum to damp hair and Blow-Dry smooth with a paddle brush. Polish with a flat-iron if necessary, and finish with a Light-Hold Hairspray.

Short Wispy Hairstyles Example Pictures

If you looking for a Soft but not fragile, edgy but not bold hairstyles then short wispy hairstyles can be your best choice. This hairstyles is cute for any occasions and works best for oval to round face. With this hairstyles you can mix match with your favorite outfits, be it professional do’ or relaxed time. This short wispy hairstyles is ready to play and jazzed up your days!





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