Short Permed Hairstyles

For those women who have short hair, all of you can try short permed hairstyles. Perm hair means permanent hair. There are various permanent hair treatments. Basically, short permed hairstyles are great for women who want to wash and go but can’t get their desired level of body and volume without serious time invested in blow-drying and styling.  Short hair when permed look stunning and very cute.

Try these short permed hairstyles to see which one is right for you.

Ask your stylist for a layered cut and a tight perm for a full, gorgeous head of hair. After shampooing with perm shampoo and conditioning, towel dry your hair. Use a generous amount of curl defining gel or smoothing lotion, then work the styling product through your hair. Use your fingers to define curls and encourage your hair to fall into waves and spirals. When the styling product and your hair itself has all dried, run your hands over your hair like a loose rake to eliminate any crunchiness and bring out the shine.

If you want wavy flipped hair, you can ask for a layered bob and then get a loose perm that will give you body and flexibility without tight curls. When styling, you’ll want to use plenty of moisturizing gel or mousse and finger dry your hair, twisting your waves and curls. You can also use a diffuser at the end of your hair dryer and scrunch curls while they dry. If you want flips, you can blow dry this style using a small round brush, using the dryer to work in large curls, then flipping the curls out while using a hair paste to define the locks.


One suggestion is to get a loose perm if you have short hair. Since your hair is short, it is less likely to weigh down, and open out the curls. The minimum length you need for this is about two inches below the jaw line. In most cases, loose perms tend to fall out a little, so they need to be done more often. However, the texture of your hair also plays a big part in how long the perm will stay. Depending on the kind of hair you have, the stylist will adjust the time and/or rod size to suit it. In addition, the perm you get will also depend on the way your hair is cut. Hair that is all at one length will be permed in a manner different to that of hair that is cut in layers.

For short permed hairstyles, avoid to large-large curls, It’ll look weird in short hair but it’s okay when you have medium hair and wanted to get wild permed hairstyles. Also, after perming short hair, it is very important to follow certain hair care instructions to reduce hair damage. If possible, use only permed hair shampoo that is specifically formulated for chemically treated hair.





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