Short Layered Bobs

If you want a low maintenance style with plenty of movement, why not consider any of the following short layered bobs? You know, bobs are not only gorgeous, but also very versatile and sassy to sport. If you are really tired of that ‘girl next door’ look with long tresses, then it’s time you show her the versatility of short bob haircuts which are layered. A layered short style on bobs can offer instant change while maintaining some of the traditional softness of a medium or long haircut.

The short layered bobs also suits almost any face structure and gives your face a slightly gentler look. Layered bobs are a great way to incorporate shorter tresses with a modern and timeless shape. A bob is a perfect style option for the career minded professional that wants a serious, yet feminine cut. With the addition of layers, the already chic bob has increased movement and shape.

For examples, let’s us take a look some pictures of short layered bobs below.

A short layered bob is a no-fuss haircut, no doubt. It’s a lightweight cut that is done in layers to thin out over-thick hair or to add texture to hair that is limp, straight or fine. To get this cuts, ask you stylist to cut your hair in such a way that there are long layers on top of the head. This gives the bob more volume at the top and sides. The hair at the side should be cut with layers starting at the cheekbones to give it a softer and younger look. A layered short bob should look like hair is shorter at the front than at the back. This type of haircut works best with thick wavy hair. To style this haircut, you need to apply a volumizing mousse at the top of hair and blow dry hair straight. While a short cut isn’t on everyone’s list, many more people could be happy with the results simply by taking a chance. If you think a shorter style is for you, toss around ideas with your stylist and find a shape that suits you. Cheers!





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