Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Thick hair has always been associated with health, wellness and beauty. Lucky are those women who are blessed with the invaluable possession of thick hair. If you are one of them, you have a reason to be happy and feel proud. You should know that your thick hair requires little styling to look lush and fabulous.

While many women struggle to add body and volume to their hair, thick haired women are blessed with an abundance of locks that can look well-tamed and gorgeous when the best hairstyle for thick hair is implemented. Also, your thick hair allows you to try out a number of eye-catchy hairstyles. The key is to ask your hairstylist to style your hair in a way that will allow it to take on a shape and prevent it from looking like too much hair. Thick hair, either long or short, looks amazing and becomes a fantasy for fine-haired people. In case you are bored of wearing long hair, short hairstyles for thick hair is a thing for you. Here are a few ideas of short hairstyles  for women with thick hair:


Take a cue from Audrey Hepburn and ask your hairstylist to cut the sides of your hair short and jagged, with piecey layers on the crown of your head and full, irregular fringe. To style this cut, use mousse evenly throughout your hair when it’s damp and blow it dry, using a brush to angle the hair on the crown of your head toward your forehead. Use your fingers to pinch the ends of your choppy layers together, which will define them better. The pixie cut also works well on curly hair. Be sure to use a deep conditioner once a week to keep your thick curls from puffing. To style the pixie, run a mixture of styling cream and curl-defining gel through your hair while it’s damp and let your hair air dry, or blow dry with a diffuser, which will keep your curls from frizzing.

Feather Style

Feather style directs all the attention to the top section of your hair. This type of hairstyle is quite easy to maintain. You need to keep trimming your hair frequently. This is again another hairstyle that would define and accentuate the shape of your face.


While not the best option for curly hair types, a shag provides plenty of modern swing and sexiness to a medium to short style. If you’re feeling playful, you can add a variety of coloring techniques to add visual interest to your cut. Shags can be very easy to style so long as you have minimal hair texture. If you’ve got straight tresses and plenty of them, a defined and separated shag haircut will remove bulk where it’s needed and add height as well.

Super Short in The Back with Long Bangs

Go super short in the back, but leave your bangs long in front. Ask the stylist to cut the back so it’s about an inch and a half long. Leave the top long and the sides should be long enough to just cover the ears. Styling this do should be easy. Tease the top of the hair to create volume then gently comb down. Rub a dime size amount of hair gel between your palms and run your fingers through your bangs and the sides of your hair. Pull your bangs forward and then brush them to the side with your fingers.Accentuate this style with big chunky highlights. Keep the back a darker color for contrast.

The Example Pictures of Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Your hairstyle defines your attitude, personality, and is one of the easiest ways to enhance your beauty. On Internet, you would come across a large number of short hairstyles for thick hair; that too with the description of which particular hairstyle would suit a specific facial frame and structure and various hair coloring ideas. Don’t hesitate to check out and try something new on your hair. Cheers!



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