Short African-American Hairstyles

African-American short hairstyles is a great style. As short hairstyles are easier to maintain, easier to style, and easier to get too. For aesthetic reasons, many African-Americans with shorter hair opt for textured hairstyles that can create dynamic and creative looks while remaining manageable.

African-American hair, naturally, are very thick and curly hair, also they tend to develop frizz and dryness easily. There are many options, and they can be customized to suit your face, your lifestyle and your personality.

Pixie Cuts

Women can style their hair straight to style with pixie African-American hairstyles. Check out pictures of Halle Berry and Rihanna’s pixie cut to know more. For this cut the hair on the sides into short crops, and the crown hair longer, and style the front section of hair into long side bangs.

Bob Hairstyles

Depending on the cut, bob hairstyles can be both playful and sophisticated. A traditional bob calls for heavy bangs and hair that falls in a single layer to about chin level. One of the advantages to this hairstyle is that it looks good both straight and with a slight wave to it. An asymmetrical bob is another option. Long side-swept bangs and hair that’s a bit longer on one side than the other gives you a very sleek look. The asymmetry can be worked into the haircut in one of two ways. Some women prefer the uneven angles to frame their face (one side falls to just below the ear and the other side is cut to chin level) while others have their hair cut short at the back with the length gradually elongated until it reaches chin length.

Short Layered

One of the most popular African-American short hairstyles is the short layered cut. Your stylist should be able to simply layer your hair all over the head. This cut is even more striking when the layers are curled slightly, giving it some lift on the ends.


These are like most African-American hair braiding styles. Cornrows can be created into various designs. These styles suit everybody, men, women, children. However, to get these styles, you will need to sit for long hours, also these are very painful braiding techniques. Go to a stylist to get cornrows done in your hair.

Short African-American Hairstyles Pictures

African-American short hairstyles are sassy and sporty and are a great way to accentuate their beautiful facial features. Moreover, they are extremely easy to maintain. With a short hairstyle, African-American women can alternate between wearing it straight or adding a hint of curls or just letting it curl naturally.








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