Semi Permanent Hair Color

Speaking about the hair color classification based on the persistence of the color on natural hair, there are four primary types, namely, temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent hair colors. No doubt, each of these types is preferred as per individual choice. Nevertheless, semi-permanent hair color is the most sought after hair color type, especially due to its post application results and safety.

Semi-permanent hair colors  add color to the hair without affecting the natural melanin present in the hair strands.  If you’re looking to subtly deepen your natural hair color or add a layer of color (such as a red tone on brown hair), a semi-permanent color is your best option. Keep in mind semi-permanents darken hair. Because they don’t contain ammonia or peroxide, semi-permanent color can’t lighten hair. Semi-permanent color washes out over a period of time (six to 12 shampoos, depending upon the formula), so if you don’t like the color you don’t have to live with it for too long. Another benefit of semi-permanent color: Because the color is temporary, you won’t have to deal with noticeable roots.

These products also penetrate into the hair shaft, but cause minimum damage. It is much safer for dry and damaged hair in comparison to the permanent hair dye. Also, the hair color after applying semi-permanent type resemble natural hair. The hair dye colors can change the color of your hair or they can brighten you natural hair color.

How to Care

It is no doubt that semi-permanent hair color lacks ammonia or other toxic chemicals (unlike permanent hair color), which may affect the natural hair texture. However, certain hair care tips should be followed after using this hair color. In order to increase the longevity of this hair color, you can consider hair washing right after coloring with a mixture of one part white vinegar and one part lukewarm water. Doing so helps in retaining the colors for a longer period by increasing the pH of the hair color product.

The most important caring tip after dyeing hair with this hair color is using mild shampoo and leave-on conditioners. This will help in preventing hair breakage and/or split ends. Always wear a protective hat during exposure to harsh sunrays. In order to prevent fading of hair color by sweat, you can consider wearing ponytail while doing rigorous exercise or household works.

How to Remove?

  • Hot water can be used to remove semi-permanent hair dye. Try scrubbing your hair with baking soda causes the dye to fade away quickly.
  • Try washing your hair numerous times with hot water. Hot oil treatments will help hair color fade away gradually.
  • Apply lemon juice or vinegar and let it remain for 10 minutes on your scalp. Shower your hair with hot water.
  • If you are not going for oil treatments then you can also treat your scalp with extra hot virgin oil. While applying this oil be careful, don’t burn yourself.

Most women opt for semi-permanent hair color to change the natural hair color, to get a different colored hair prior to using permanent hair colors or at times, to cover gray hair. A basic tip for choosing a hair color is to opt for the specific shade that is two tones lighter or darker than your original hair color. The best type is that suits your skin and eye color.





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