Scene Hairstyles for Girls

Scene girls create a style of their own with a combination of punk rock, emo style, old school rock, and even the fashion runways. The style is trendy, colorful, full of patterns and differs from each girl to reflect their own personal style. The typical style of scene girls is a little difficult to pin down since their look is similar to emo, but they do seem to have some similarities.

Scene hairstyles for girls is typically large. The girls use copious amounts of products, such as mousse and hairspray, in their hair. The hair should be puffed up on the top and sides, almost like the hairstyles of the 1960s but looser. The cuts are choppy, possibly with long bangs, or pulled to the side with a large chunk across the forehead. The hair may be long or short, but typically some hair is in the eyes, and the cut is more textured than smooth. The girls sometimes wear their hair quite short in the back, but very long on the sides and front. The hair is often various colors. Scene girls like colors such as pink or blue. They often wear the black and white look in their hair.

The other side of the scene hairstyles for girls are to keep things more natural and put the most emphasis on texture and simple styling methods. Hippie scene girl hair never appears messy or tangled and is often worn slightly wavy. If your hair is naturally straight, you can put your hair in two braids while still damp and let air dry before shaking out and slightly misting with hairspray. Take extra care of your hair so it is shiny and strong. When styling, use simple things like braids to give your hair extra oomph. Try making 1-inch braids on each side of your head before securing in the back with a hair tie or a few bobby pins. Hippie scene girl styles are most often worn down, so if you need your hair out of your face, make low pigtails that aren’t secured too tightly and pin bangs to the side with bobby pins. Use headbands that are cut thin to make the hairstyle appear more delicate.

Scene Hairstyles for Girls Pictures

This hair style is really cute, fun, awesome and making a huge impression among girls and boys. So many colors and variations you can play and combine with your outfits on scene hairstyles.  If you ara the girl who fancy striking color hair, wild and crazy but gorgeous hairstyles, then you should try this scene hairstyles! Cheers!









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