Rock Hairstyles for Men

Today’s rock stars, though not necessarily representing the old-school style, do represent great rock ‘n’ roll hair. These stage gods sport cutting-edge, fashionable ‘dos that any of us can attain for a more take-charge image. With a rock hairstyle, it’s easier for both men and women to make heads turn and take notice.

However, these hairstyles are best carried by people who have the attitude and confidence to go with them. So, if you’re ready to release your inner rock star, cop one of these edgy men’s hairstyles from some of today’s leading rockers.  Here are some ideas Rock Hairstyles for Men :

Messy Layers
For the messy layers look, you need to have slightly longer hair. Ask your stylist to give layers to your hair. This hairstyle can have individual interpretations, depending on what look you want to achieve. Once the hair is cut in layers, all you need to do is to wash it and blow dry to flaunt your rocking look.

Spiky &Short
Spiky and short look is perfect for those working professionals, who want to keep a haircut that can be occasionally fashioned to give a rock star-like appearance. When you want to show off your rock hairstyle, you can style the short hair to look messy and spiky. There are different types of spikes that you can try with this haircut, to suit the occasion.

Clipped Hair
The basic style of clipped hair look requires a cropped short haircut and a bit of long hair at the top. This hairstyle makes a bold and defiant statement and is one of the easiest rock hairstyles to imitate. In case you have long hair and you can’t style it well to suit your workplace, you may try this clipped hairstyle that can be manipulated to suit a professional setting.

And these below are some pictures for Rock Hairstyles for Men :

For another ideas about rock hairstyles for men you can try pompadour or quiff or rockabilly, basically these three have similiar shapes.  If you want that true pompadour, you need to inform your barber that you do not want the conservative rockabilly but rather a real high hit pompadour. The way your barber needs to cut your hair are different.  To make those hairstyle ; After washing your hair, grease your hair properly with pomade. When you comb it backwards you can either part it or just comb it backwards. Pull slightly on the front of the pompadour to lift it a bit. When you look at your hair from the side, it must take on the shape of a wedge. So, the era of rock star will never goes out and always comes up with new style, a new attitude, and new idealism.




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