Retro faux bob hairstyle

This style needs to be immaculately sleek and sculpted. As such it works best on straight hair. If your hair is very thick or frizzy you’ll need to tame it first and do some prep work to get it straight. The best length for this style is shoulder length to medium length. Very short hair won’t be enough to curl under and very long hair might prove too heavy.
It doesn’t take a lot of steps to create this hairstyle, but it does take some care and attention to detail. Try it for yourself by following the steps below.

  1. Prep the hair ensuring it is smooth and straightened. Next curl all the ends under – you can do this by blow-drying it under with a round brush, or by using an iron. Annika used a ghd straightening iron to get the desired shape.
  2. Section the hair into two parts. Section off the top part from recession to recession to create a horse shoe section and clip it up. Leave the underneath section as it is.
  3. From the underneath section, take a smaller section of hair from the side at the front of the head, comb it back and pin it at the centre of the back of the head (the lower crown).
  4. Do the same on the other side and pin at the centre of the back of the head.
    Take out the top section and brush it back over the pinned section.
  5. Note that a pin may be needed on either side to keep the hair in place when brushed back. The ideal place to pin is at the side of the edge of the crown – where you can feel the skull bone. Now you should have the beginnings of a sculpted retro hairstyle.
  6. Next, create a circle with the ends of the hair by tucking them under and pinning them in place. You should end up with all the ends of the hair looping under at the nape of the neck. Annika did this by hand, but if you have trouble getting a neat shape you can also try Redken’s method from the Jil Sander show and use a foam roller to roll up the hair.
  7. The amount of curling you do depends on the length of our hair and on how long you want your curled under bob to be.
  8. To hold the look in place and keep it sculpted, finish by spraying with a strong hold hair spray.


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