Red Violet Hair Color

Red violet hair color is hot trend on this season.  From subtle auburns to eye-popping hues, these red violet is always a favorite color for those looking to get their hair noticed. Red-violet is a rich color of high medium saturation about 3/4 of the way between red and magenta, closer to magenta than to red. Red violet hair color also suits for any types of hair, be it short to long hair.

Red Violet Hair Color Pictures

Rock the party with your unique and glam look and draw some inspiration from red violet hair color pictures above when in need of a show-stopping beauty fix. And for the hair color product you can try it with Pravana hair color.

Tips How to Choose Red Hair Color:

  • Consider the level of darkness and tone of your natural hair color. The color you choose needs to correlate with the underlying pigment of your natural hair color. Naturally light-colored hair will take a lighter red hair dye better than darker hair would.
  • Analyze your skin tone. Your skin tone plays a big role in the shade of red that will look right on you. People with darker skin tones should go with a darker shade of red like auburn. Fair skin tone people can wear a lighter shade of red hair dye. People with medium tone skin should consider a fiery shade of red.
  • Look at your eye color. Choose a color that will complement it. A lighter hair shade of red complements lighter colored eyes; darker eyes work well with a darker shade of red.








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